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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

10 Best Crochet Hooks For Kids

    10 Best Crochet Hooks For Kids

    Hookfully’s Top 10 – Best Crochet Hooks For Children

    I have been on the hunt for the best crochet hooks for kids! Yes i know, children can use any crochet hook, but these handmade beauties are a fab luxury novelty to add to a children’s crochet set. If your child loves crocheting or making amigurumi these adorable crochet hooks will make the perfect gift!

    What Is The Best crochet hook Size to buy for a child?

    It’s easier for beginners to clearly see stitches with a chunky yarn, so its a great starting yarn for children. Chunky yarn works best with a 6mm crochet hook for most projects, a 5mm crochet hook will be best if they want to crochet their own amigurumi toys (because using a smaller hook will prevent gaps and stop the stuffing popping out). Of course, kids can use any yarn, your skein will usually have a recommended crochet hook size on the label.

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    1. Octopus Crochet Hook

    By Pedro’s Plaques on Etsy.

    This beach themed, handmade ergonomic crochet hook, features little star fish and an octopus topper. It would make the best summer gift for children who love crochet.

    2. Twisted Neon Rainbow Hook

    By What The Hook Creations on Etsy.

    Kids will love these brightly coloured, fun textured crochet hooks! The unique ergonomic handles are handmade from polymer clay and they have and fun coloured metal hooks too.

    3. Strawberry Crochet Hook

    By Just Craft Along on Etsy

    These cute strawberry themed crochet hooks are handmade to order and they even come with a stitch marker shaped like a tiny jar of strawberry jam! Adorable!

    4. Ice cream Crochet Hook

    By Sienna’s Bowtique on Etsy

    Wow, this ice cream crochet hook is super cute! Kids are sure to love this handcrafted masterpiece! The handle is modeled with clay and it even comes with a matching stitch marker!

    5. Magic Wand Crochet Hook

    By Oswalds Designs on Etsy

    If your a fan of the witch or wizarding world you need to see these! These unique hand decorated crochet hooks will give your projects a magical touch.

    6. Camper Van Crochet Hook

    By Love Knots Crochet on Etsy

    Oh my goodness! A silicone, glow in the dark crochet hook, topped with a pretty camping bus. Peace!

    7. Mermaid Crochet Hooks

    By Forget Me Not Meadow on Etsy

    How could you not feel creative with this in your hand? This pretty mermaid crochet hook has been hand modeled and painted with shimmer, gold and crystals.

    8. Crayon Crochet Hooks

    By Hooked by Holtby on Etsy

    These colorful, creative crochet hooks are handmade with resin and you can even customise your kids best crochet hooks with their favorite colors!

    9. Bumble Bee Crochet Hook

    By Sienna’s Bowtique on Etsy

    You’d bee mad not to love this super cute crochet hook for kids (get it?). This handmade hook is not just pretty to look at, it features a comfortable ergonomic handle and is customised using a choice of Clover, Boye, or Susan Bates hooks.

    10. Rainbow Glitter Crochet Hook

    By CC by Fran on Etsy

    Kids will love this crochet hook made with rainbow glitter. Don’t be fooled by the chunky glitter, this handmade hook is finished with a seriously smooth coating.

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