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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

10 Crochet Rain Drop & Cloud Patterns

    10 Crochet Rain Drop & Cloud Patterns

    Crochet stitch markers for the Holidays

    Get ready to crochet up a storm with these 10 patterns featuring crochet rain drops and clouds! Whether you’re looking to add a rainy day touch to your baby’s mobile or create some cozy blanket appliques for your pillows, blankets, bags and more, we’ve got you covered! From 3D plush raindrops, to adorable amigurumi with umbrellas, these patterns will have you singing in the rain. So grab your yarn and let’s get hooking!

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    Amigurumi rain drop crochet pattern

    1. Amigurumi Rain Drops

    From Stitch By Fay

    If you have leftover blanket yarn lying around, consider putting it to good use with this free crochet pattern. The super bulky yarn allows for a quick and easy project, resulting in the perfect snuggle-sized amigurumi rain drop.

    Rain drops and rain cloud applique crochet pattern free

    2. Rain Cloud Applique

    From Hookfully

    This free crochet pattern is a perfect way to brighten up a rainy day! The simple pattern features tiny raindrops and a flat cloud applique, the rainy day motifs can be easily attached to hats, scarves, blankets, and more.

    Rain coin purse crochet pattern

    3. Rainy Coin Purse

    From Raffamusa Designs

    Check out this free crochet pattern for a kid-friendly, easy-peasy coin purse inspired by the beauty of the sky: from the raindrops to the sun rays to the colorful rainbow! And with a zip to keep those treasures safe, it’s a win-win!

    Large rain cloud crochet pattern

    4. Large Rain Cloud

    From Lucy Golden Crafts

    Transform your windows, pillows, or blankets with this crochet large cloud applique. This fluffy cumulus, made with worsted weight #4 yarn, spans a whopping 7-1/2” wide. Want to go even bigger? Double up on yarn strands and grab a crochet hook size 9mm, to whip up a colossal cloud.

    Amigurumi bunny with umbrella pattern

    5. Raindrop Bunny & Umbrella

    From Poppet Moon Crochet

    Get your crochet hooks ready for an adorable rainy day project! The Raindrop Bunny and Tiny Umbrella pattern pack is here! Imagine a cute bunny that fits snugly in your palm, complete with her very own yellow umbrella to protect her from the rain. Plus, the tiny umbrella will make a stylish addition to your amigurumi collection! Head to Etsy for an instant download and start crafting today!

    Umbrella and raindrop crochet pattern

    6. Umbrella Applique

    From Hookfully

    Snuggle up on a rainy day and whip up your very own umbrella applique complete with a sprinkle of cute raindrops! This simple crochet pattern is a breeze to follow.

    Amigurumi rain boot crochet pattern

    7. Amigurumi Rain Boot

    From One Dog Woof

    Take a look at this charming and unique rain boot pattern – it’s a one-piece wonder, and you can use it to create a plush keychain or leave it empty and customize it to your liking. And the best part? It’s completely free! It’s time to bring out your crochet hook and get started!

    Weather decoration crochet pattern

    8. Weather Hanging Decoration

    From Crochet at Teri’s

    You can download this crochet pattern for a weather-themed hanging decoration. Why not spend a rainy day creating a beautiful hanging decoration using this crochet pattern, featuring a colorful rainbow, rain clouds, rain drops, and stars.

    Weather toys crochet pattern

    9. Weather Toys

    From Green Fox Farm Designs

    This crochet pattern allows you to create a set of six different weather-themed amigurumi toys, including the sun, raindrop, rainbow, lightning, cloud, and snowflake. These adorable crochet toys offer a fun way to teach children about nature and weather concepts and are suitable for classrooms, homeschooling, or playtime. The pattern uses simple stitches and worsted weight yarn.

    Rain cloud crochet pattern

    10. Clouds & Raindrops

    From Lucy Golden Crafts

    Hook up a dreamy cloud applique with a charming face and cascading raindrops with this free crochet pattern.