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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

10 Free Crochet Spider Patterns

    10 Free Crochet Spider Patterns

    Free Crochet Spider Patterns

    These 10 free crochet spider tutorials will teach you how to crochet cute and creepy spiders for Halloween! You can crochet spider themed Halloween decor, amigurumi toys and flat appliques with these free patterns. Find your perfect spider crochet pattern from this list of tiny spiders to giant spiders! Choose if you want yours to have bendy begs, eight eyes, his own web, or even a cute baby face! By following these easy instructions and using basic crochet stitches, you can start crocheting your own spider today.

    Why crochet a spider?

    You might want to crochet a spider because you like them (I’m told some people do), but chances are you are crafting for Halloween! You can use these patterns to make Halloween ornaments, keychains for your backpacks, plush toys, spooky garlands, blankets or even coasters. You can even add these spider crochet projects to your Halloween costumes, try sewing a spider to your child’s cardigan or beanie this fall.

    Free crochet spider coaster pattern

    1. Spider mug rug

    From The Loopy Lamb

    The Spooky Spider Mug Rug is a fun and spooky design to decorate your home for Halloween. The entire mug rug is crocheted using single crochet stitches, and with the help of a chart, you’ll have your spider decor ready in no time.

    Free crochet spider applique pattern

    2. Crochet spider applique

    From Hookfully

    This free crochet spider pattern will help you create a cute flat spider that you can use as an ornament, applique, or even a bunting flag for some Halloween garlands.

    Free spider granny square pattern

    3. Spider granny square

    From Elendipity

    There’s so much you can do with a granny square at Halloween! Why not try crocheting a spider trick or treat bag, or maybe a creepy blanket?

    Free crochet spider puppet pattern

    4. Free crochet spider puppet

    From Ekayg

    This free spider crochet puppet pattern looks like it would be just as much fun to play with as it would be to crochet. It would also make a spooky addition to kids Halloween costumes.

    Free spider and web crochet pattern

    5. Free crochet spider & web

    From Nana’s Crafty Home

    This little spider comes complete with his own web! Plus, the free crochet pattern is easy enough for beginners to start crafting for Halloween.

    Small free crochet spider applique pattern

    6. Heart spider pattern

    From Golden Lucy Crafts

    This little crochet spider has a cute heart shaped body and would make a lovey gift for little girls at Halloween .

    Easy amigurumi spider pattern free

    7. Beginner amigurumi spider

    From Pine Tree Crochet

    This amigurumi toy spider is perfect for advanced beginners looking to create some creepy Halloween gifts.

    Crochet purple spider free pattern

    8. Black widow amigurumi

    From Krafty Kait

    This adorable black widow spider (something I never thought I’d say), is an easy crochet project to make a spider toy for Halloween. The spider even has bendy pipe cleaner legs, so cool!

    Free amigurumi pattern fluffy spider

    9. Free crochet tarantula

    From The Loopy Lamb

    If only real spiders were as cute as this crochet tarantula! This little spider toy would make a lovely Halloween gift for babies and children.

    Giant spider toy free crochet pattern

    10. Giant crochet spider

    From Evelyn & Peter Crochet

    This huge crochet spider plush looks so cuddly and fluffy, he’s more cute than creepy making him the perfect spider gift for young children at Halloween.

    Free Crochet Spider Projects

    I Hope you enjoyed browsing through these 10 free crochet spider patterns. These free crochet spider tutorials for Halloween include small and large spiders, with options for bendable legs, eight eyes, webs, and even cute baby faces. These patterns can be used to make decorations, toys, keychains, garlands, blankets, coasters, or even to add to Halloween costumes. The instructions use basic crochet stitches and are easy to follow.