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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

10 Free Crochet Witch Patterns

    10 Free Crochet Witch Patterns

    Witchy Crochet Ideas

    These 10 free crochet witch patterns will give you plenty of witchy crochet ideas for Halloween! You can crochet some witch themed appliques to embellish your costumes, some spooky decorations, or even some dolls or doll clothes to celebrate the Pagan holiday. With free crochet patterns easy enough for beginners, everyone can learn how to crochet a witch this fall! You may want to try a gothic applique, a witch gnome, a simple witch hat pattern, or even a cute witch doll.

    How to crochet a witch

    Learning how to crochet a witch couldn’t be simpler with these 10 free crochet witch patterns! All of these free witch crochet patterns will guide you step by step through the process of crocheting a witch in time for Halloween.

    Amigurumi Witch Crochet Pattern Free

    1. Small Crochet Witch

    From Chai Coffee Crochet

    This adorable little witch amigurumi is small enough to fit on a keychain! Plus, when Halloween is over, there’s a whole wardrobe full of free crochet patterns you can choose to dress her up in next.

    Free Crochet Witch Hat Hair Accessory

    2. Witch Hat Hair Accessory

    From Hookfully

    This free witch hat hair accessory crochet pattern can be sewn onto a hair clip, elastic or even a headband to add a fun touch to your Halloween costume.

    Free Crochet Witch Hat 
Coaster Pattern

    3. Witch Hat Mug Rug

    From The Loopy Lamb

    Add some witchy fun to your home decor with this free crochet pattern an easy Halloween mug rug!

    Free Crochet Witch Costume For Dolls

    4. Doll Crochet Witch Costume

    From Hookfully

    This cute little witch costume is perfect for dressing up your 12″ fashion dolls at Halloween. Now your child’s favorite doll can come trick or treating too!

    Free Crochet Witch Gnome Pattern

    5. Witch Gnome Ornament

    From The Loopy Lamb

    This witch themed gnome crochet pattern makes a great Halloween decoration, you can even add a keychain and gift it too your loved ones.

    Free Crochet Witch Applique Pattern

    6. Crochet Witch Applique

    From Hookfully

    This free crochet witch pattern can be sewn onto your Halloween costumes, trick or treat bags, or even hung up as an ornament or as part of a garland.

    Free Crochet Witch Cauldron Pattern

    7. Free Crochet Witch Cauldron

    From Emerald Cherub

    If you’ve already made an amigurumi witch, why not crochet her a cauldron to complete the witchy look. It makes a great decoration for Halloween too!

    Free crochet witch hat pattern

    8. Witch Hat Applique

    From Hookfully

    If you want to create a witch project in a hurry, you can’t get much faster than this simple witch hat applique crochet pattern! Just pop it onto any of your appliques to instantly give them a Halloween theme.

    Free Amigurumi Crochet Witch Lovey Pattern

    9. Crochet Witch Lovey

    From Cilla Crochets

    This little witch lovey makes the perfect gift for a babies first Halloween! Even toddlers will find adore this cute little amigurumi witch.

    Free Crochet Witch Gonk Pattern

    10. Crochet Witch Gnome Appliques

    From Golden Lucy Crafts

    If you love gnomes and Halloween, buckle up for a treat. These adorable little gnomes will make such cute decorations for your Halloween projects this fall.

    Free Crochet Witch Projects

    These 10 free crochet witch patterns provide ideas for Halloween including witch-themed appliques, decorations, and dolls. The patterns are easy enough for beginners to follow and include instructions for making a gothic applique, a witch gnome, a simple witch hat, and a cute witch doll. The step-by-step guides ensure that everyone can learn how to crochet a witch in time for Halloween.