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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

10 Ice Cream Crochet Patterns

    10 Ice Cream Crochet Patterns

    10 Crochet Ideas for Ice Cream Lovers

    Dive into a wonderland of yarny delights with 10 ice cream crochet patterns! Choose from premium and free options including ice cream tub cozies, keychains, and appliques. Crochet mini and large scoops, swirl up a cone or a lolly, whip up a cute hat, a cozy blanket, or an adorable amigurumi toy, all with a yummy ice cream theme. From banana split sundaes to swirl cones, this collection has it all for your summer crochet fun. I wonder what ice cream crochet pattern you will choose?

    What Ice Cream Patterns Can You Crochet?

    There’s lots of ice cream themed crochet patterns that you can get started on this summer, from cozy sleeping bags and adorable pillows to irresistible amigurumi toys, you can whip up treats for everyone. Use appliques to embellish almost any project or create fun ice cream cozies for your favorite treats. Don’t forget to crochet cute hats, handy keychains, and delightful play food! With 10 crochet patterns featuring scoops, cones, swirls, and more, there’s something for kids, babies, and adults alike.

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    Sweet sleepy surprise crochet pattern ice cream sleeping bag and cupcake pillow for kids

    1. Ice Cream Sleeping Bag

    From Hookfully

    Perfect for kiddos from toddlers to tweens, this magical set has a sneaky secret! Just open the hidden compartment on your cupcake pillow to roll out an ice cream cone sleeping sack – transforming your pillow into a super fun and cozy sleeping bag!

    Free ice cream Appliqué crochet pattern

    2. Free Ice Cream Applique

    From Hookfully

    Celebrate summer with a super fun, free ice cream applique crochet pattern! Make your own delicious-looking ice cream cone to jazz up blankets, pillows, or anything you love! With this crochet pattern, you get all the joy of ice cream without any of the guilt. So grab your hook and start stitching some summer yumminess today!

    Dinosaur banana split ice cream amigurumi toy crochet pattern

    3. Bananasaurus Split Amigurumi Toy

    From Nine Inspired

    Hold onto your hooks, because this amigurumi crochet pattern is the quirkiest mashup you never knew you needed: a dino-banana-sundae! This snuggly masterpiece is crafted with the coziest chenille yarn, making him irresistibly soft and a delight to cuddle. And guess what? Since it’s mainly made with half double crochet stitches, this adorable critter comes together faster than you can say “dino split!”

    4. Free Ice Cream Hat

    From Sweet Potato 3

    Get ready to scoop up some cuteness with this ice cream cone hat! With sizes from newborns babies to older kiddos, this hat is bursting with sweet details. The ridges mimic freshly swirled ice cream, the cone has a perfect texture, and there’s even a cherry on top! From tiny tots to active kids, this free crochet ice cream hat pattern is a treat that’ll melt your heart!

    Free reversible unicorn amigurumi crochet pattern from the Flippy Friends

    5. Free Fruity Ice Cream Cozies

    From Blackstone Designs

    Get ready to dig in with style using these free crochet patterns for ice cream cozies! Turn your pints into playful treats with covers inspired by juicy watermelons, pineapples, and strawberries. These Fruity Ice Cream Cozies are not just adorable—they keep your ice cream soft and your fingers frostbite-free. Dress up your dessert and enjoy your sweet scoops straight from the tub, minus the chilly fingers! Cool and cute? Yes, please!

    cupcake pin cushion crochet pattern free

    6. Kawaii Ice Cream Amigurumi Toy

    From Green Fox Farms Designs

    Get ready to crochet a delightful ice cream wonderland! Craft your very own play set with charming ice cream waffle bowls, scoops of ice creams, and all the yummiest toppings. Pick your flavors, stack those scoops, and dive into this DIY amigurumi adventure, available for instant download!

    Colorful crochet baby blanket pattern free

    7. Free Mini Ice Cream Appliques

    From Raffamusa Designs

    Dive into summer fun with this cute, little Ice Cream Applique! Picture 3 scrumptious scoops on a cone, in any flavors you fancy. It’s small, it’s mini, it’s easy, and best of all—it’s a free crochet pattern! Perfect for adding a sprinkle of sweetness to your projects.

    Textured baby blanket free crochet pattern

    8. Free Amigurumi Ice Pop

    From Raffamusa Designs

    Cool off with this delicious crochet ice pop amigurumi! With a free crochet pattern, you can whip up this colorful popsicle in no time. Perfect for a sunny afternoon, crochet a bunch for your kid’s play food set, or turn them into cute backpack charms, keychain holders, and more!

    Modern baby blanket crochet pattern free

    9. Ice Cream Crochet Cushion

    From Blue Star Crochet

    Dive into cool summer vibes with this squishy cushion crochet pattern! It’s got an ice cream theme that’s as sweet as can be, featuring a waffle stitch cone and embroidered sugar sprinkles. Get ready to chill with the coolest, coziest cushion around!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    10. Amigurumi Ice Cream Cones

    From Green Fox Farm Designs

    Scoop Up the Fun with this Crochet Pattern! Create your own amigurumi ice cream toy with scoops in all your favorite flavors and colors. Top it off with fun toppings and—if you’re feeling extra sweet—add an optional cute face! It’s the ultimate treat for your crochet hooks!