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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

16 Crochet Bugs – Free Patterns


    Hookfully’s Top 16 Premium & Free Crochet Bugs Patterns

    I have rounded up 16 of my favorite premium and free bug crochet patterns for you to enjoy! I must admit i’m not a fan of real garden insects, but these tiny crochet bugs are rather cute (and they don’t bite!). From bug appliques to amigurumi toys, you’ll find plenty of easy crochet project ideas to start crocheting some creepy crawlies in this crochet pattern round up.

    What bugs can I crochet?

    There’s so many different types of insects in the world (real and crochet world). This free crochet pattern round up includes grasshoppers, ladybugs, bees, snails, butterflies, dragonflies, worms, ants, caterpillars, fireflies, spiders, flies, and mosquitos. Plus, they’re not all amigurumi toys, you can make bug themed clothes, coasters and appliques too.

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    Amigurumi grasshopper free crochet pattern

    1. Grasshopper Amigurumi

    From Spin A Yarn Crochet

    This cute grasshopper amigurumi will brighten up your day and will make a lovely gift for bug loving little boys or girls this summer.

    Amigurumi ladybug free crochet pattern

    2. Amigurumi Ladybug

    From The Loopy Lamb

    Who doesn’t love a ladybug?! And this little amigurumi is a cutie that would make a fabulous addition to any crochet insect collection.

    Reversible amigurumi bee free pattern

    3. Reversible Amigurumi Bee

    From Hookfully

    This is no ordinary bee, the amigurumi plushie is reversible! Just flip him inside out to make him color change and change his mood!

    Crochet snail applique free pattern

    4. Snail Applique

    From Golden Lucy Crafts

    Home is where the heart is, and that’s particularly true for this crochet snail applique with a heart shaped shell on its back.

    Dragon fly shawl crochet pattern free

    5. Dragonfly Shawl

    From Ellej

    You can cozy up with this crochet bug themed shawl on a cold summer evening. The clever filet crochet design makes little dragonflies in the fabric. So cool!

    Butterfly toy free crochet pattern

    6. Amigurumi Butterfly

    By Cuddly Stitches Craft

    If you’re looking for a pretty bug themed amigurumi for little girls then this crochet butterfly is the pattern for you!

    Kids ladybug clothes free crochet pattern

    7. Ladybug Kids Onesie

    From Hookfully

    Does your little one LOVE playing dress up? Now they can be a ladybug with this crochet costume that can double up as nightwear.

    Worry worms crochet pattern free

    8. Crochet Worry Worms

    From Hooked By Robin

    These worry worms are super quick and easy to crochet, great for making in bulk and sharing with children.

    Amigurumi ants crochet pattern

    9. Crochet Ants

    From Lovely Craft

    This amigurumi ant design is just genius! For something so small the detail is amazing, and just look at those little faces.

    Crochet caterpillar toy free pattern

    10. Caterpillar Toy

    From Hookfully

    This amigurumi caterpillar is also a fidget toy! Kids of all ages will enjoy popping the the bugs body, just like bubble wrap (but cuter).

    Crochet firefly free pattern

    11. Crochet Firefly Amigurumi

    From AmigurumiDay

    This crochet firefly super cute and would make a great gift for bug lovers. You could even give it a go with some glow in the dark yarn.

    Crochet amigurumi spider free pattern

    12. Sharlotte The Spider

    From Yarn Society

    This is the only spider i’ve seen that hasn’t sunk my stomach, yes that includes crochet ones. Seriously, how could this little cutie scare anybody?

    Amigurumi bee free crochet pattern

    13. Amigurumi Bee

    From Hookfully

    This little amigurumi bee is a really quick and easy project. It’s perfect for bulk crocheting for summer craft fairs.

    Squashed bug crochet pattern free

    14. Crochet Fly Coaster

    From Supergurumi

    This squashed fly crochet pattern really did make me laugh out loud. I need to make one for the garden to warn off the real pesky flies from my drinks.

    Butterfly applique free crochet pattern

    15. Crochet Butterfly Applique

    From Hookfully

    This sweet butterfly applique can be sewn onto blankets, clothing, bags, need I go on? Simply sew to anything you want to give an insect theme too.

    Crochet mosquito free pattern

    16. Crochet Mosquito

    From Always Free Amigurumi

    This free crochet bug pattern will help you to make your very own mosquito, complete with a cool outfit and the most adorable face!