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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

20 Fun Summer Crochet Projects

    fun summer crochet projects

    Hookfully’s Top 20 – Fun Crochet Projects for Summer!

    If you’re looking for some fun summer crochet projects you need to check these out! I have rounded up 20 of my favorite fun summer crochet patterns for you to enjoy. All of these kids crochet patterns have both an interactive fun element and a summer theme. Many of these crochet patterns are easy enough for beginners too.

    Summer crochet project ideas

    There’s lots of spring and summer crochet project ideas for you to make and sell, or gift to your children. Some summer themed amigurumi include sea creatures, bugs, mermaids and summery dolls. You can make cute dolls clothing, crochet games, water balloons, blankets, and even popsicle holders.

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    20 Fun Summer crochet patterns round up - Summer ice pops crochet pattern by Green Fox Farm Designs on Etsy

    1. Popsicle Holders

    From Green Fox Farm Designs

    These fun summer themed ice pop holders will keep children’s hands from freezing, plus they are amazingly cute! The pattern includes 6 designs to make a mermaid, fish, shark, unicorn, dinosaur and even a giraffe!

    20 Fun Summer crochet patterns round up - Reversible bee amigurumi crochet pattern by Hookfully

    2. Reversible amigurumi bee

    From Hookfully

    This cute amigurumi bee flips inside out to reveal another bee toy. The fidget toy is perfect for summer and is fun to make and play with!

    Hula doll crochet pattern by Melus Little Things

    3. Kailani the little Hawaiian Dancer doll

    From Melus Little Things

    This Hawaiian hula doll crochet pattern looks like great fun to make! Just look at all the gorgeous details on her tropical themed outfit.

    Water balloon crochet pattern by Hookfully

    4. Crochet Water Balloons

    From Hookfully

    These water balloons are so much fun to play with during the hot summer months. The summer crochet projects only take 5 minutes each to make and provide hours of family fun!

    Beach game crochet pattern by Stitched by Shari

    5. Beach Tic-tac-Toe

    From Stitched by Shari

    Have fun at the beach with a game of tic-tac-toe. This pretty beach themed crochet pattern will help you create your very own game, plus it rolls up for easy storage, genius!

    Summer doll clothes crochet pattern by Hookfully

    6. Summer doll clothes

    By Hookfully

    Get your dolls beach ready with this shell themed beachy outfit, it includes a halterneck crop top, shorts and even sandals!

    Amigurumi light house pattern by Two Loops Toy

    7. Amigurumi Lighthouse

    From Two Loops Toy

    I can’t decide what I love most about this crochet project, the cute bunting flags, the coordinating lifebuoy, or the cheeky little face on this amigurumi lighthouse!

    Reversible amigurumi whale pattern

    8. Reversible amigurumi whale

    From Hookfully

    This reversible whale crochet pattern flips inside out for double the fun! The reversible sea creature has a happy face, and of course, a burst of water for the perfect summer crochet project!

    Fun summer beach blanket by Pink Pearl Crochet CA

    9. Sea Turtle Blanket

    From Pink Pearl Crochet CA

    How clever is this beach blanket design? Like the real ocean, the different colors in the waves are mesmerizing, and to top it of, the designer has added some sea creatures resulting in the perfect beach themed summer blanket.

    Amigurumi bee crochet pattern

    10. Amigurumi Bee

    From Hookfully

    Because, who doesn’t love bees? This super bulky amigurumi bee can be crocheted in no time, They’re always a bestseller at summer craft fairs too!

    Beach boy doll amigurumi pattern

    11. Charlie The Beach Boy

    From A Pinch Of Cotton

    Well, this amigurumi doll is definitely summer ready. With his cute bucket hat, rubber ring, and beach ball, he’s ready to set of to the seaside. We need more male dolls in the world, lets make some!

    Reversible turtle amigurumi pattern

    12. Reversible Amigurumi Turtle

    From Hookfully

    What could be better that an amigurumi turtle? How about two amigurumi turtles in one. This turtle fidget toy flips inside out, giving the plushy a cool color changing effect.

    Mermaid stacking toy crochet pattern

    13. Tiffy The Mermaid

    From Tiffy Happy Crafts

    This is no ordinary mermaid crochet pattern! Babies and toddlers can have great fun stacking rings to make this pretty mermaid amigurumi doll.

    Summer fun bounce house crochet pattern

    14. Fun Summer Bounce House

    From Hookfully

    No summer fate is complete without a bounce house. This amigurumi crochet pattern will give your kids hours of imaginative fun with their toy figures and dolls.

    Ocean themed harp amigurumi pattern

    15. Seahorse Harp

    From TSMin

    Oh my goodness! Have you ever seen something so creative? I can just visualise this precious crochet harp sitting proudly in a nursery somewhere. It would make a lovely gift for a summer baby.

    Reversible octopus amigurumi pattern

    16. Crochet reversible octopus

    From Hookfully

    Kids can have endless fidgeting fun with the reversible octopus plushie. It’s a beginner friendly crochet pattern too, so children could even have fun making it themselves over the summer holidays.

    Summer doll dress crochet pattern

    17. Summer doll dress

    From Hookfully

    This crochet doll dress screams summer vibes with its sunflowers and shells design. The crochet pattern has a halterneck design and even comes with a matching sunflower headband.

    Mermaid doll crochet pattern

    18. Makena Mermaid Doll

    From My Dear Knot

    Children will just love how this pretty crochet doll turns from human to mermaid and back again! I’m sure any child would love to add this doll to their collection, the crochet pattern looks fun to make too.


    19. Doll Summer Outfit

    From Hookfully

    If your baby loves babies, she will love this summery doll romper! The crochet pattern includes the flower themed doll outfit and a matching headband to complete the look.

    Summer fidget toy crochet pattern

    20. Caterpillar Fidget Toy

    From Hookfully

    Children small and big will have fun with this crochet fidget toy. The caterpillar toy is a quick and easy crochet project and the caterpillars body pops inside out for extra interactive fun.