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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

20+ things to make with a granny square

    20+ things to make with a granny square

    things to make with a granny square – Over 20 Ideas

    Get ready to dive into a world of color and creativity with our delightful guide, “Over 20 Things to Make with a Granny Square!” Whether you’re a seasoned crochet queen or just starting on your yarn journey, this guide is packed with simple projects that will keep your hooks busy and your Pinterest boards buzzing. From a useful crochet bag to an cozy sweater, you’ll find clothing patterns and more, all designed with easy-to-follow instructions and step-by-step pictures. Want to know how to make a granny square? We’ve got you covered with premium and free patterns and tutorials that are perfect for beginners.

    Explore some of the endless possibilities of what to make with a few granny squares or even just one big granny square. Imagine whipping up a small bookmarker, a no-holes blanket, or a jumper made with granny squares. Play with different colors and layouts to create unique items, whether it’s a flower in the middle, a heart, or even just a classic granny square.

    What can i make with a granny square ?

    If you’re wondering what can I make with a granny square, the answer is simple: anything your heart desires! Dive into the world of crochet with our fun and exciting guide, and discover all the stuff to make with these charming squares. Here you will find crochet patterns on how to make simple things with granny squares including blankets, toys, hats, scarves, book markers, hot pads, embellishments, cup cozies, pillows, bags, and clothing.

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    Granny Square Blanket Pattern

    1. Granny Square Blanket Pattern

    From Hookfully

    I’ll start with the most traditional, or obvious choice for granny squares, a blanket. Making a blanket from granny squares is great fun! Each square can have its own colors and textures, or you can have them matching. When they all come together, it makes a cozy blanket full of warmth and memories. It’s a relaxing project that turns yarn into something special, perfect for wrapping up loved ones in handmade comfort.

    Granny Square Lovey Blanket

    2. Granny Square Lovey Blanket

    From Hookfully

    Imagine crafting a giant lovey for kids, a continuous granny square blanket that’s both playful and practical. Topping it off is an adorable amigurumi head, adding a whimsical touch that sparks imaginations. It’s a cozy creation that promises warmth and endless cuddles!

    Granny Square Lovey Blanket

    3. Bubble Burst Fidget Blanket

    From Hookfully

    This fidget pop blanket is like bubble wrap you can crochet! Each granny square is bursting with interactive fun, designed in vibrant colors and 3D bubbles that beg to be touched and popped. The crochet pattern is easy-peasy, making it a joyful project for anyone looking to craft something for kids, it’s perfect for snuggling up and keeping little hands happily occupied.

    Granny square bucket hat crochet pattern

    4. Granny Square Bucket Hat

    From Start Crochet

    Imagine crafting a super fun bucket made out of granny squares for kids, all for free with a crochet tutorial! There’s also instructions for making other sizes too. Each granny square is bursting with vibrant colors made with the traditional granny square method. It’s a handmade gift that’s sure to bring smiles to any child’s day!

    Free Unicorn Dolls Dressing Gown Crochet Pattern

    5. Granny Square Infinity Scarf

    From Banana Moon Studio

    This free pattern for an infinity scarf is as cheerful as it is snug! Using a mix of granny squares and stripes in a mixture of colors, you’ll create a scarf that’s bursting with personality and warmth. It’s a fun and creative project that promises to brighten up any outfit, making chilly days a little more colorful and a lot more cozy. Perfect for gifting or keeping as a cheerful staple in your winter wardrobe!

    Free Unicorn Dolls Dressing Gown Crochet Pattern

    6. Free Granny Square Pillow

    From Raffamusa Designs

    You could crochet this adorable granny square pillow cover, made with a free pattern, and filled with cute ladybugs and granny squares with blooming flowers in the middle—perfect for kids and the cheerful seasons of spring and summer! It’s a fun project that promises to bring a burst of handmade cuteness to any child’s room or play area.

    Colorful crochet baby blanket pattern free

    7. Free Granny Square Bookmarker

    From Juniper and Oakes

    Dive into a quick and delightful crochet project with this free pattern for a granny square lattice bookmark, designed to be as easy and fun as it is practical! Using simple stitches and a creative lattice design, each granny square becomes a miniature work of art that doubles as a handy bookmark.

    Textured baby blanket free crochet pattern

    8. Granny Square Hot Pad

    From Nanas Crafty Home

    Get ready to whip up some kitchen magic with this fun and easy granny square hot pad crochet pattern! Perfect for using up those leftover scraps of cotton yarn, this project is a breeze to make and offers instant crochet gratification. Whether you’re in need of a quick gift, want a practical addition to your kitchen, or simply love raiding your yarn stash, this hot pad is ideal.

    Modern baby blanket crochet pattern free

    9. Free Granny Square Envelope

    From Golden Lucy Crafts

    Turn your granny squares into little envelopes with this free crochet pattern for a granny square envelope! Simply fold your square into an adorable envelope shape, and tuck in a crochet lavender bouquet. It’s a quick project that’s as fun to make as it is to give.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    10. Granny Square Cup Cozy

    From The Crochet Fix

    Brighten up your beverage with a fun and easy granny square cup cozy! With this free crochet pattern, you’ll sew two colorful granny squares together to create a cheerful, reusable sleeve that’s perfect for keeping your drinks warm and your hands cool. It’s a super quick project, making it a fantastic last-minute gift idea or a charming addition to your market stock.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    11. Granny Square Scarf Pattern

    From Simply Hooked by Janet

    Whip up a cozy accessory in no time with this free crochet pattern for a granny square scarf! This quick and easy project turns your leftover yarn into a simple, skinny scarf that’s both warm and stylish. Just stitch a series of colorful granny squares together, and voilà—you have a delightful, lightweight scarf perfect for adding a handmade touch to your outfits or gifting to a friend.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    12. Granny Square Wall Hanging

    From Jupiter & Oakes

    Spruce up your space with a burst of handmade charm using this free crochet pattern for a granny square wall hanging! It’s super simple: crochet a vibrant granny square, attach it to a wooden dowel, and finish it off with a fun fringe. The result is a beautiful, eye-catching piece that’s quick to make and perfect for adding a splash of color and creativity to any room.

    Continuous Granny Square Blanket

    13. Continuous Granny Square Blanket

    From Hookfully

    Dive into cozy simplicity with this free crochet pattern for a one big granny square blanket! Perfect for beginners, this classic project grows continuously from the center out, meaning no sewing is required—just keep crocheting until you have a warm, beautiful blanket. It’s super easy to learn how to make a granny square, making it the ideal for beginners looking to create a timeless, snug blanket with that unmistakable granny square charm.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    14. Free Granny Square Bag

    From Blackstone Designs

    Make your summer fun with the Native Sun Granny Square Bag, using this free crochet pattern! This easy project turns colorful granny squares into a cool boho bag with fringes, perfect for beach days or summer outings. It’s a laid-back, playful way to carry your stuff and show off your crochet skills.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    15. Granny Square Hip Bag

    From Green Fox Farm Designs

    Introducing the Granny’s Festival Hip Pouch—a cute, hands-free way to carry your essentials at festivals or on the go! This easy crochet pattern comes with two ways to wear your pouch and detailed steps to create your own belt bag. Whip up a fun hip pouch using different colors and flaunt those classic granny squares!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    16. Granny Square Tote Bag

    From Jewels & Jones

    Looking for a stylish and sturdy tote bag for summer? This free crochet granny square bag pattern is just what you need! It’s fun and easy to make, using just thirteen squares to create a modern tote that’s perfect for any season.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    17. Crochet Granny Square Sweater

    From Carroway Crochet

    Looking to use up your yarn stash with a fun and stylish project, try the Sunny Granny Square Sweater! Ideal for both Granny Square enthusiasts and those who enjoy clothing with a modern boho flair. This free pattern is perfect for creating a cozy and fashionable jumper that’s as enjoyable to crochet as it is to wear.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    18. Granny Square Basket Pattern

    From Knitting with Chopsticks

    Discover the Granny Basket crochet pattern, a free chunky design that’s incredibly enjoyable to make! This pattern guides you through creating each small granny square and seamlessly assembling them into a sturdy basket. Whether you’re organizing simple things or crafting a special handmade gift, you’ll love how easy and fun it is to crochet this practical yet charming basket.

    Granny square poncho crochet pattern

    19. Granny Square Poncho Pattern

    From Jera’s Jamboree

    Snuggle into style with this free crochet pattern for a granny square poncho! Perfect for using up scrap yarn and staying cozy, this project is as fun to make as it is to wear. Whether you’re curling up at home or stepping out on a chilly day, this poncho combines comfort with a handmade charm that’s sure to brighten your wardrobe!

    20. Granny Square Book Cover

    From Makefully

    Keep your favorite reads safe and stylish with this free crochet pattern for a granny square book cover! Designed to protect your books with a touch of handmade charm, while providing as a handy built-in bookmark. Whether you’re gifting it to a bookworm friend or adding a personal touch to your own literary adventures, this book cover is sure to delight with its mix of creativity and functionality.

    21. Granny Square Purse Tutorial

    From Carroway Crochet

    Get your crochet hooks ready for a sassy granny square purse pattern! This nifty accessory is perfect for wearing on your shoulder or slinging crossbody style during those sunny spring and summer days. Whether you’re hitting the beach or going on a shopping spree, this bag has got your back for stashing must-haves like your phone, sunnies, and money.

    22. Small Granny Square Potholder

    From Raffamusa Designs

    This funky potholder is like a patchwork quilt of all your cotton scraps, creating a crazy confetti of colors! Whip it up for a splash of fun in the kitchen – it’s a riot to create and even more fun to show off! Enjoy this free crochet pattern and get started on your mini granny squares.