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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

24 unicorn Crochet Patterns

    24 Ideas for Crochet Unicorns

    Unleash the Magic with 24 Unicorn Crochet Patterns for Your Little Dreamers! Are you ready to dive into a world where curls, colors, and cuddles meet creativity? We’ve rounded up 24 enchanting unicorn crochet patterns that are just perfect for your little ones. From the tiniest accessories like keychains and coasters to snuggly blankets and adorable toys, we’ve got everything to spark those little imaginations and fill their world with magic.

    Let’s start with the basics – every little dreamer needs their own cuddly friend. The collection includes amigurumi unicorns that are just the right size for tiny hands. These plush pals come with their own unique horns, manes of vibrant rainbow curls, and the cutest expressions. With easy-to-follow crochet tutorials, even beginners can bring these stuffed animals to life. And for those who love a little challenge, there’s more projects for experienced crocheters too. The unicorn crochet pattern round up includes both free and premium patterns that will let you experiment with different sizes, from little keyrings to large, huggable friends.

    But why stop at plush toys? Imagine tucking your baby in with a baby blanket that doubles as a toy, complete with a unicorn hood and horn. Or picture your girl twirling around in a unicorn hat or onesie, complete with a mane and horn, feeling just like her favorite mythical creature. There is patterns for those, too! From hooded clothing to child hats, and even costumes, the unicorn crochet collection is brimming with ideas to make every day a bit more magical.

    For the DIY enthusiasts looking to sprinkle a little unicorn magic around the house, why not try your hand at creating a unicorn pillow, wall hanging, or mug cozy? These items add a touch of whimsy to any room and are sure to spark conversations. And let’s not forget about the adorable appliques and motifs that can transform any simple item into something extraordinary. Whether it’s a baby’s onesie or a cozy blanket, adding a unicorn applique is just the thing to make it special.

    So, whether you’re a seasoned crocheter or just starting out, these 24 unicorn crochet patterns are here to help you create something truly magical. With a mix of free and premium options, there’s something for everyone. Dive into our collection and let your creativity run wild. After all, in the world of crochet and unicorns, the only limit is your imagination!

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    Unicorn Sleep Mask Crochet Pattern

    1. Unicorn Eye Mask Pattern

    From Hookfully

    A magical unicorn sleep mask crochet pattern for kids, adding a sprinkle of cuteness to bedtime! Easy-peasy crochet project for the little ones (and adults too!).

    Squishy Unicorn Crochet Pattern

    2. Unicorn Squishy Crochet Pattern

    From Hookfully

    Simple crochet pattern for a magical unicorn buddy – whether you use it as a squishy toy or a cozy pillow, you’ll love the cute unicorn made with super fluffy chenille yarn and a handy pocket tummy for storing secrets!

    Unicorn Kids Onesie Crochet Pattern

    3. Unicorn Onesie Kids Clothes

    From Hookfully

    Create some magic with this enchanting unicorn onesie crochet pattern! Perfect for kids aged 2 to 9, this cozy hooded costume will transform any day into a fantastical adventure!

    Free Unicorn Baby Dolls Onesie Crochet Pattern
    Copyright © Hookfully

    4. Free Unicorn Doll Clothes

    From Hookfully

    Unleash the magic with a cozy unicorn onesie crochet pattern for sweet 14-inch baby dolls at bedtime!

    Free reversible unicorn amigurumi crochet pattern from the Flippy Friends
    Copyright © Hookfully

    5. Reversible Amigurumi Unicorn Toy

    From Hookfully

    A unicorn fidget toy that changes colors, perfect for crochet enthusiasts looking for a fun and easy amigurumi project using super bulky chenille yarn.

    Free Unicorn Dolls Dressing Gown Crochet Pattern
    Copyright © Hookfully

    6. Free Unicorn Doll Bathrobe

    From Hookfully

    Unleash the magic with a unicorn bathrobe for your 18-inch doll! Made with two of DK yarn held together and featuring a whimsical unicorn hood, this crochet pattern is as enchanting as it is easy!

    Colorful crochet baby blanket pattern free

    7. Crochet Unicorn Baby Lovey

    From Raffamusa Designs

    What could be more delightful than a charming crocheted Unicorn Baby Lovey to greet a new addition to the family? Loveys serve as a mix between a stuffed animal and a comforting blanket, providing companionship for your little one for years to come! This baby lovey features an adorable sleeping Amigurumi unicorn nestled on a rainbow solid granny square, suitable for both baby girls and baby boys.

    Textured baby blanket free crochet pattern

    8. Free Unicorn Baby Cardigan

    From Lovable Loops

    Baby Cardigan with a magical unicorn hood, available in 4 sizes for tiny tots aged from newborn to 2 years old. Grab the free crochet pattern and get ready to stitch up some cozy cuteness using worsted weight yarn!

    Modern baby blanket crochet pattern free

    9. Free Unicorn Coffee Cozy

    From Green Fox Farm Designs

    Unicorn Coffee Cozy: A perfect gift for a coffee enthusiast friend, especially when paired with a Starbucks gift card. This easy crochet pattern uses worsted weight yarn and is available for free.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    10. Amigurumi Standing Unicorn Toy

    From DIY Fluffies

    Craft your own magical amigurumi standing unicorn toy with this enchanting crochet pattern! Perfect for those with a bit of crochet wizardry under their belts, this unicorn is ready to prance into your world!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    11. Amigurumi Unicorn Head

    From Simply Melanie Jane

    This crocheted unicorn head bust is beautifully crafted. You have the option to create a rainbow or white mane, or transform it into a horse head by adjusting colors and omitting the horn. Experiment by braiding the mane in front of the ears or letting it hang down, offering a variety of creative options

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    12. Crochet Unicorn Applique

    From Golden Lucy Crafts

    With a unicorn head motif applique in a heart shape, you can bring a touch of magic to your crochet projects. This free crochet pattern is a quick and easy project that allows you to showcase your creativity and skill. Imagine adding this enchanting design to a hat, blanket, or even a bag to infuse it with a sense of wonder and charm.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    13. Amigurumi Unicorn Plushie

    From The Nicole Chase

    Introducing Poppy the Unicorn Toy, a full-size amigurumi toy featuring vibrant and playful curls. This crochet pattern suits crafters of all levels, offering detailed instructions and helpful photo tutorials.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    14. Unicorn Amigurumi Doll

    From Amalou Designs

    This enchanting unicorn themed doll holding a mini unicorn plushie crochet pattern will guide you through the process of creating your very own amigurumi masterpiece. Let your imagination run wild as you bring these mystical creatures to life with yarn and a touch of crochet magic.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    15. Unicorn Bookmark Crochet Pattern

    From Macrame and Amigurumi

    Crochet your way to a magical unicorn bookmark with a long body, adorned with adorable flowers and a spiraling mane! Perfect for book lovers, this project is quick, easy, and oh-so-charming!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    16. C2C Unicorn Graphgan

    From Evelyn and Peter

    This pattern is designed for advanced beginners who are familiar with basic crochet terms and stitches, and have prior experience with corner-to-corner crochet. The design features a unicorn head silhouette and is a corner-to-corner (c2c) crochet pattern for a graphgan blanket.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    17. Crochet Unicorn Blanket Pattern

    From Crochet Arcade

    How adorable is this unicorn blanket crochet pattern that transforms into a unicorn toy? The unicorn blanket is available in 3 sizes for babies, kids, and adults to enjoy, plus it’s designed to be user-friendly.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    18. Unicorn Themed Wall Hanging

    From A Crafty Concept

    Get creative with a crochet pattern for a unicorn wall decor piece that adds a touch of magic and cuteness to any room. This modern twist on a unicorn theme will bring magic to your children’s space.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    19. Unicorn Themed Crochet Hat

    From BriAbbyHMA

    Unleash your inner magical unicorn with this fabulous crochet pattern! The mesmerizing eyes in this pattern are truly one-of-a-kind. Follow the step-by-step instructions and helpful visuals to create your own enchanting headpiece. Whether you’re a crochet newbie or a seasoned pro, these clear guidelines will have you crafting in no time. From little ones to grown-ups, sizes are available for everyone to rock this fantastical creation!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    20. Unicorn Pillow Crochet Pattern

    From Patterns Crochet Store

    An enchanting unicorn pillow featuring a 3D crochet mane, perfect for crafting a cozy cushion for young girls. This unicorn pillow crochet pattern is ideal for bringing a charming and vibrant addition to the bedrooms of little ones.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    21. Easy Unicorn Keychain Pattern

    From Mamas Creations Crochet

    Crochet up some adorable unicorn keychains, perfect for quick and easy crafting sessions. The unicorn keychains are small in size but big on charm – sure to be a hit at markets and loved by kids!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    22. Unicorn Headphone Wrap

    From Briana K Designs

    Get your groove on with a unicorn detachable crochet headphone cover! This headphone cover is perfect for adding a touch of magic to your music experience. While it’s a hit with kids, anyone can rock this accessory and sprinkle some sparkle into their day. Even during a serious podcast session, this little gem brightens things up with style.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    23. Unicorn Phone Purse

    From Ananamilove1519

    Get ready to stitch up a magical unicorn purse, just the right size for your phone! This cute pattern is every little girl’s dream, with a modern twist that’s absolutely adorable!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    24. Unicorn Themed Cup Coasters

    From Colorful Easy Crochet

    Unleash the magic with these unicorn-themed cup coasters! Perfect for crochet lovers seeking a cute, girly, and fun project that’s sure to spark creativity!