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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Busy Lizzy’s Patchwork Blanket Crochet Pattern

    Busy Lizzy’s Patchwork Blanket Crochet Pattern
    Busy Lizzy’s Patchwork Blanket Crochet Pattern
    Busy Lizzy’s Patchwork Blanket Crochet Pattern
    Busy Lizzy’s Patchwork Blanket Crochet Pattern
    Busy Lizzy’s Patchwork Blanket Crochet Pattern
    Busy Lizzy’s Patchwork Blanket Crochet Pattern

    A crochet pattern for a no-sew patchwork blanket made using the Elizabeth (mini bean) stitch.

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    Blanket Crochet Pattern

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    Busy Lizzy’s patchwork blanket description

    This Busy Lizzy’s patchwork blanket crochet pattern is a great stash buster! I wanted to make a fun colorful blanket for my children to cuddle up under on our weekly movie nights. It’s also somewhere to attach all the appliqués I’ve been making lately.

    The patchwork blanket is named after the ‘busy’ colors I used plus the stitch I used. The Elizabeth stitch, also known as the mini bean stitch. When using DK (weight 3) yarn each square measures 6.5”. You can use this pattern with different yarn weights but your size will be different to mine. The Elizabeth stitch has a lovely texture while still being flat enough to sew on appliqués. It also has no big gaps giving it a nice modern look. In addition, the blanket looks exactly the same on both sides. I made my blanket using various colors and toned it down with a white border. To expand on that point, each square has an individual border, the pattern also includes a wavy border for the edges of the complete blanket.

    How to crochet a patchwork blanket

    The Busy Lizzy’s patchwork blanket crochet pattern is easy to intermediate skill level. You’ll need to know basic crochet stitches, simple increases and know how to work into front and back loops. You’ll also be using the ‘mini bean’ stitch. Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before, there’s instructions on how to make the stitch in the pattern. A big plus point for many people is that there’s no sewing involved in this pattern! But before you get too exited, there’s plenty of ends that will need weaving in.

    To make the busy Lizzy’s patchwork blanket I used various colours of DK (weight 3) yarn and a 4mm crochet hook. You can use this pattern with any weight yarn as long as you use the recommended hook and bear in mind your squares will work out at a different size to mine. They will be smaller if your using a lighter yarn, bigger if your using a heavier yarn. The beauty if this blanket is that you can make it as big or as small as you like. There’s also a handy size guide included so you know how many squares to make. Each square uses approximately 13g (41yds) of coloured yarn and 6g (19yds) of white yarn. It’s a great pattern to use up any leftover yarn you have accumulating.


    • 4mm crochet hook
    • Light worsted yarn


    • Weight: DK / Light worsted / #3
    • Brand: King Cole Pricewise DK
    • A -Various colours: 41 yards per square
    • B – White: 19 yards per square

    Size & Gauge

    • 2” x 2” gauge swatch = 10 rows of 9 sc
    • Finished square without border – 6″
    • Finished square with border – 6.5″
    • Stroller blanket – 20 squares (4 x 5)
    • Baby blanket – 25 squares (5 x 5)
    • Toddler blanket – 54 squares (6 x 9)
    • Throw – 72 squares (8 x 9)
    • Single/Twin – 96 squares (8 x 12)
    • Double/Full – 144 squares (12 x 12)


    USA Terminology (U.K. translation)

    • ch – chain
    • inc – increase (2 stitches in one space)
    • mb – mini bean stitch
    • sc – single crochet
    • sl st – slip stitch
    • st / sts – stitch / stitches

    Pattern notes

    • I do not count chains or slip stitches in my stitch count. Numbers in brackets are the number of rows/stitches.
    • You can use any yarn weight with the recommended hook size but your squares will be a different size to mine.
    • You may want to block your squares if you notice size variations due to the yarn or tension.

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