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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Crochet Patterns for Kids

Crochet Abbreviations

I have put together a handy guide to understand all of the crochet abbreviations used in Hookfully crochet patterns. These crochet terms are all in US terminology, you can see UK translations here.

What is a crochet abbreviation?

A crochet abbreviation is simply a faster way of saying a term. You might be familiar with common non-crochet abbreviations such as ‘LOL, laugh out loud’ or ‘ASAP, as soon as possible’. Crochet abbreviations are pretty much the same, instead of reading ‘half double crochet’ throughout the crochet pattern you will simply see ‘HDC’. You might also like my other crochet guides or some free beginner crochet patterns.

Crochet Abbreviations – Expanded

BLOBack loop only
BOBobble stitch
BPBack post
CLCluster stitch
dcDouble crochet
dc2tog Double crochet 2 together (decrease)
2dc2 Double crochet in 1 space (increase)
FLOFront loop only
FPFront post
hdcHalf double crochet
hdc2togHalf double crochet 2 together (decrease)
2hdc2 Half double crochet in 1 space (increase)
PCPopcorn stitch
puffPuff Stitch
RSRight side
scSingle crochet
sc2togSingle crochet 2 together (decrease)
2sc2 Single crochet in 1 space (increase)
sl st Slip stitch
tr Treble Crochet
tr2togTreble crochet 2 together (decrease)
2tr2 Treble crochet in 1 space (increase)
WSWrong side