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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Crochet Patterns for Kids

Crochet Affiliate Program

Have you ever thought about joining a crochet affiliate program? Would you like to earn commission from recommending Hookfully crochet patterns? You can earn money crocheting by becoming a crochet influencer. Simply sign up to the Hookfully affiliate program to get special links that you can share online to earn commission.

What is an affiliate

An affiliate is a person who promotes items with unique links in return for commission on sales they generate. Anyone can sign up to the Hookfully affiliate program and start earning money from home, you do not need to have a crochet business or be a professional crocheter too start making money.

How to become a crochet influencer

To apply to the Hookfully affiliate program simply click here and follow the instructions.

Once you have been accepted to the program you will have your own dashboard with personalised links to Hookfully products. You can copy these links and paste them into your posts. When other people click these links and make a purchase within the next 30 days, you will receive commission. When sharing affiliate links always disclose that the links are affiliate links to the reader. EG. Check out this cute crochet pattern on (affiliate link).


Where can I share affiliate links?

You can share Hookfully affiliate links on any social media platform or your own website. Please disclose that the links are affiliate links to the reader. EG. Check out this cute crochet pattern on (affiliate link).

Can I use Hookfully images with affiliate links?

Hookfully images are copyright protected, however, you can use the image to promote the pattern with your affiliate link but please be aware of the following rules.

  • DO NOT edit any Hookfully images
  • DO NOT crop out watermarks
  • DO NOT claim the project is your own
  • DO NOT use images without a link back to the product
Can I use my own images with affiliate links?

Absolutely, showing off your project made with a Hookfully pattern is always appreciated, sharing your project with an affiliate link can earn you money from recommending the pattern.

Can I make a video with affiliate links?

Yes and no on this one. Short videos of the final product on social media are welcome and even encouraged, its a great way to find new followers and share your affiliate link. However, please DO NOT make video tutorials using Hookfully patterns, this will be copyright infringement.

How do I get paid?
  • Any sales generated by your audience after you promote the products are tracked and attributed to you via your unique product links.
  • The cookie duration is 30 days and commissions are attributed to the last touchpoint where a lead has converted from.
  • Starting commission is 10% and can be negotiated for influencers with higher transaction rates.
  • Commission will be paid monthly via PayPal.