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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Crochet Patterns for Kids

The crochet cupcake stitch tutorial will help you make a fun, lacey fabric made up of little cupcakes. The cupcake stitch is a double sided, colourful and quirky design. It is great for a variety of projects including blanket borders and aprons. The cupcake stitch will fit perfectly with themes such as baking, shabby chic, birthday’s and children.

Crochet cupcake stitch tutorial

How to crochet the cupcake stitch

The cupcake stitch crochet tutorial is easy to intermediate skill level. Its a 5 row repeat and to complete the tutorial you will need to know all your basic crochet stitches as well as knowing how to increase and decrease. You will also need to be confident at changing colours and skipping stitches. You can use any yarn with its recommended crochet hook size to complete the tutorial.

Tutorial notes



USA Terminology (UK Translation)

  • ch – Chain
  • dc – Double crochet
  • 2dc – 2 dc in 1 space (increase)
  • dc5tog – Double crochet 5 together (decrease)
  • sc – Single crochet


Change colors while completing the previous stitch

  • A (pale pink)
  • B (turquoise)
  • C (yellow)
  • D (hot pink)

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Cupcake stitch crochet tutorial

Row 1

  • Use colour A (pale pink) yarn to begin
  • ch multiples of 6 for desired length then start in 2nd ch from the hook
  • sc in all chains

Row 2

  • Continue with colour A (pale pink)
  • ch & turn
  • sc in all stitches

Row 3

  • Change to colour B (turquoise)
  • ch x 2 & turn
  • dc, ch x 1 & skip 3 stitches
  • (2dc, dc, 2dc, ch x 1 & skip x 3) repeat until 4 stitches are remaining
  • dc in last stitch

Row 4

  • Change to colour C (yellow)
  • ch & turn
  • sc in all stitches & ch spaces

Row 5

  • Change to colour D (hot pink)
  • ch x 2 & turn
  • dc, ch x 4, skip x 1
  • (dc5tog, ch x 5, skip x 1) repeat until 2 stitches are remaining
  • dc in last stitch

Row 6

  • Change to colour A (pale pink)
  • ch & turn
  • sc in first stitch, sc x 5 in chain space
  • (sc x 6 in chai space) repeat until 1 chain space remaining
  • sc x 4 in last chain space
  • sc in last stitch

Row 7+

  • Repeat row 2 to 6 until you reach desired size
  • Fasten off & weave in ends