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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Free Christmas Dollhouse Crochet Patterns

    Free Christmas Dollhouse Crochet Patterns
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    Christmas dollhouse description

    The free Christmas dollhouse crochet patterns bundle includes a Christmas tree, Santa hat, a gift box and a Christmas stocking. With Christmas fast approaching I just couldn’t resist making a Christmas play set for my daughters’ dollhouse. It’s been a massive hit and lots of fun watching them role play Christmas time with their little plastic friends.

    The Christmas time doll house crochet pattern bundle will help you create a lovely festive play set including a Christmas tree, a gift box, a Santa hat and a little Christmas stocking. Everything is designed to fit 12” fashion dolls and 1:6 scale doll houses. Children can have fun decorating the Christmas tree and can fill the mini stocking and gift box with surprise doll accessories.

    How to crochet Christmas decorations for a dollhouse

    To make the Christmas doll house play set I used DK (weight 3) yarn in traditional green, silver, red, cream and brown. You’ll also need toy stuffing to fill your tree. I used beads and battery operated fairy lights to decorate my Christmas tree but this is completely optional as it looks great without them. Overall the crochet patterns are easy skill levels and work up quite quickly. That being said, along with knowing your basic crochet stitches you’ll also need to know how to work into front and back loops as well as simple increases/decreases.

    Copyright © Hookfully

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    Treat yourself to a beautiful ad-free, downloadable PDF with plenty of progress pics to help you along.

    Free Doll Santa Hat Crochet Pattern

    1. Santa Hat

    Get your crochet hooks ready to start the dollhouse Christmas set by starting with a festive Santa hat for your 12-inch dolls! Try the free pattern for a jolly Santa hat, perfect for your Christmas dollhouse theme.

    Free Christmas Tree Crochet Pattern

    2. Dollhouse Christmas Tree

    Get ready to deck the halls in the teeniest tiniest way possible with this adorable crochet pattern! Create a darling miniature Christmas tree for your dollhouse complete with textured branches, a bow at the base, and a crochet star topper. Make it even more magical by adding some festive beads and micro fairy lights. So much holiday cheer in one itty-bitty package!

    Tiny Christmas stocking free crochet pattern

    3. Christmas Stocking

    Ho Ho Ho! It’s time for the third edition to the Christmas dollhouse collection, the 12-inch doll-sized Christmas stocking! It’s quick and easy and lots of fun for kids who love playing with their dolls in the run up to the Holidays.

    Free Tiny Gift Box Crochet Pattern

    4. Christmas Gift

    Finally, a free crochet pattern for a gift box with a bow on top for your festive dollhouse! It’s so cute, you’ll be grinning from ear to ear as you fill it with miniature gifts for your beloved dolls. Easy to open and refill again and again, and oh-so-adorable!