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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Crochet Patterns for Kids

Free Christmas Wine Cozy Crochet Pattern
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hanks for checking out my free Christmas wine cozy Crochet Pattern. So, I decided to add a personal touch to my gifts this year by adding a homemade wine bottle cover. Basically, it seemed a lot more thoughtful than a basic cardboard gift bag. Equally important it can be reused over and over for years to come. However you don’t have to gift it. Another great use is that it can make a lovely addition to your dining table at Christmas.

Christmas wine cosy description

The Christmas wine cosy is designed to fit standard wine bottles. I figured as wine is for adults, I’d go for a simple yet classy design. I wanted to avoid traditional Christmas themes such as Rudolph and snowmen and go for something a more ‘grown up’. Altogether I’m really pleased with the outcome and hope you will be too!

How to crochet a wine cozy

To make the Christmas wine cozy I used DK (weight 3) acrylic yarn. It’s also been tried and tested with cotton and that looked fab too. On this occasion I used two colours, cream and a deep shade of red. The wine cover was made with a 4mm crochet hook, but bare in mind checking your gauge is important for the pattern of you want it to fit your bottle. To sum up the pattern is beginner friendly and uses just basic crochet stitches. Of course to finish off you’ll need to pom-poms. I made my own but you could also use ready made ones if you wanted too.

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Christmas wine cozy crochet pattern download
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Hook sizes

4mm crochet hook


DK yarn in 2 colours. I used ‘King Cole Pricewise DK’

A – Red 148m / 162yd

B – Cream 27m / 30yd

Total – 175m / 191yd



Click here for U.K. translation


MR – Magic ring

ch – Chain

st/sts – Stitch/stitches

sp/sps – Space/spaces

rep – Repeat

sk – Skip

sc – Single crochet

hdc – Half double crochet

dc – Double crochet

tr – Treble crochet

V-st – V-stitch (double crochet, chain, double crochet)

blo – Back loop only

inc – Increase (2 stitches in 1 space)

Gauge / Tension

Gauge is important as everyone crochets with a different tension. If your 2” swatch doesn’t match up you can change your hook size to suit your tension.

4mm hook – 2” x 2” square = 10 rows of 9 sc


You will need the following supplies to complete the project (links will take you directly to my recommended supplies on love crafts) 

– Crochet hooks 

– Tapestry needle

– DK yarn

– Stitch markers (optional)

– scissors

– Tape measure

– pompom maker

– wine bottle

Pattern notes

I do not count chains in my stitch count.

Numbers in brackets are the number of rounds/stitches.

Stitches separated with a comma are to be made in separate spaces eg. (sc, inc) would mean sc in first stitch then inc in next stitch.

Important Information

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Christmas wine cozy – free crochet pattern

Wine cosy base

Use a 4mm crochet hook

Completed size H 11.5” x W 3.5”

Use yarn colour A

Round 1

hdc x 10 into MR

sl st to join & ch 1

(10 sts)

Round 2

inc x 10

sl st to join & ch 1

(20 sts)

Round 3

(hdc, inc) x 10

sl st to join & ch 1

(30 sts)

Round 4

(hdc x 2, inc) x 10

sl st to join & ch 1

(40 sts)

Round 5

(hdc x 3, inc) x 10

sl st to join & fasten off

(50 sts)

Rounds 6-10

Rep rows 1-5 to make another circle

(5 rounds)

Round 11

Join both pieces with wrong sides facing each other

sc x 50 through both pieces.

sl st to join & ch 1

(50 sts)

Wine cosy body

Round 12

Work into blo this round only

blo sc x 50

sl st to join & ch 1

(50 sts)

Rounds 13-16

sc x 50

Sl st to join & ch 1

(4 rows of 50 sts)

Round 17

Change to colour B

Work this round only in blo

blo sc x 50

sl st to join & ch 1

(50 sts)

Rounds 18 – 19

sc x 50

sl st to join & ch 1

(2 rounds of 50 sts)

Round 20

Change to colour A

(V-st, sk 1) x 25

sl st to join & ch 1

(25 sts)

Round 21

Change to colour B

(sc in ch sp, dc in R19 sk sp) x 25

sl st to join & ch 1

(50 sts)

Round 22 – 23

sc x 50

sl st to join & ch 1

(2 rounds of 50 sts)

Round 24

Change to colour A

sc x 50

sl st to join & ch 1

(50 sts)

Round 25

This row only is worked in blo

sc blo x 50

sl st to join & ch 1

(50 sts)

Rounds 26 – 65

sc x 50

sl st to join

(40 rounds of 50 sts)

Round 66

ch 3 (counts as 1st tr)

tr x 49

sl st in top of ch 3 to join, ch 1

(50 sts)

Rounds 67 – 72

sc x 50

sl st to join between rounds

fasten off after round 72

Weave in ends

(6 rounds of 50 sts)

Pom-poms & string

Use a 4mm crochet hook

Use a small sized Pom Pom maker

Completed size- string – 10”

Completed size- pompom – 1.5”

Use yarn colour B


ch x 51

sl st x 50 start 2nd from hook

Fasten off

(50 sts)

Weave the string between the tr sps

Make 2 pom-poms

Sew your pom-poms onto each end of the string and your wine cosy is complete