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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Free crochet Soap saver pattern

    Free crochet Soap saver pattern
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    Crochet Soap Saver

    You might be wondering what a soap saver is, or how to use it. Let me tell you. A crochet soap saver is a little sack that you can pop your bar of soap into and hang it up next to your bath or shower. You can also fill the bag up with those small little bits of soap that get leftover to ‘save’ them. Soap savers can be really helpful for children as the soap holder can also be used as a body scrubber, making bath time or showering at the pool a lot easier for kids.

    How to crochet a Soap Saver?

    This free crochet pattern will teach you how to crochet a soap saver, the simple tutorial is easy enough for advanced beginners and uses only basic crochet stitches, no sewing, and no color changes. You will need some cotton yarn in aran or worsted weight, a 5mm crochet hook,  and some soap.

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    • Aran / Worsted cotton yarn
    • 5mm crochet hook
    • Scissors
    • Sewing needle


    • Weight – Aran / Worsted / #4
    • Brand – Drops Paris 100% cotton
    • Total – 32 yards

    Size & Gauge

    • Gauge: 2” x 2” = 4 rows of 7 dc
    • Width: 8cm
    • Height: 12.5cm


    USA Terminology (U.K. translation)

    • ch – Chain
    • ch-sp – Chain space
    • dc – Double crochet
    • hdc – Half double crochet
    • R – Round
    • sc – Single crochet
    • sl st – Slip stitch
    • st/sts – Stitch/Stitches

    Pattern notes

    • Chains and slip stitches are not included in stitch count.
    • Starting chains count as the first stitch on netted area.

    Important Information

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    Starting at Base

    Round 1

    • ch x 15 then start in 3rd ch from the hook
    • (dc, ch x 1 & skip x 1) 7 times
    • Turn to the opposite side to work into unworked chains
    • (dc, ch x 1 & skip x 1) 6 times
    • sl st to ch3-sp

    (13 sts)

    Round 2 – 8

    • ch x 3
    • (dc in next ch-sp, ch 1) 13 times
    • sl st to ch3-sp

    (7 rounds of 13 sts)

    Round 9

    • ch x 1 & sc in next ch-sp
    • (2sc in next ch-sp) 13 times
    • sl st to first st

    (27 sts)

    Round 10

    • ch x 3 & skip 1 st
    • (hdc in st, ch x 1 & skip x 1) 13 times
    • sl st to ch3-sp from the start of the round

    (13 sts)

    Round 11

    • ch x 1
    • (2sc in ch-sp) 14 times
    • sl st to first st
    • Fasten off & weave in ends

    (28 sts)


    • ch x 40
    • Weave the chain though the hdc sts on R11
    • sl st to the first ch to join both ends
    • Fasten off & weave in ends