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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Crochet Patterns for Kids

Free Crochet Witch hat applique Pattern
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Crochet Witch Hat Applique

Did you know this crochet witch hat applique pattern is free to download and view online? The free download includes extras such as progress images to help you along. It’s almost like magic how quickly this tiny simple hat works up for Halloween! You can use your mini witch (or wizard) hat to create a quick Halloween theme on most crochet projects, and even other crafts such as small greeting cards.

What to do with a witch Hat applique?

There is so many things you can do with this little crochet witch hat applique! Why not try to sew on blankets, or decor for cat costumes, you can make a Halloween keychain, sew to a baby bib, a granny square, or even a jumper? You can even use your little crochet witch hat motif and glue it onto your other craft projects, you can make Halloween gift tags, cards or even bunting. I’m sure you have plenty of your own ideas too!

How to crochet a witch Hat applique?

Learning how to crochet a flat witch hat is easy with this simple tutorial! Even beginners can have a go at crocheting this quick mini witches hat for Halloween. The instructions are simply written and you’ll get to practice all your basic crochet stitches, increases, and decreases.

Free Crochet Witch Pattern Applique

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Free pattern download

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Free Download Witch Hat Applique Pattern


  • Worsted / Aran yarn / #4 yarn
  • 4mm Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle

Hook Size

  • 4mm Crochet Hook


  • Weight – Aran / Worsted / #4
  • Brand – Stylecraft special aran
  • A – Black
  • C – Red
  • Total: 7 yards

Gauge & Size

  • Gauge: 2” x 2” = 5 rows of 9 dc
  • Width: 7.5cm
  • Height: 5.5cm


USA Terminology (U.K. translation)

  • ch – Chain
  • dc – Double crochet
  • dc2tog – dc 2 together (decrease)
  • dc3tog – dc 3 together (decrease)
  • hdc – Half double crochet
  • R – Row/Round
  • sc – Single crochet
  • sl st – Slip stitch
  • st/sts – Stitch/Stitches

Pattern Notes

  • Chains and slip stitches are not included in stitch count.
  • Stitches separated with a comma are to be made in separate spaces. For example, 2sc, sc x 2 would mean 2sc in first space, sc in next space, sc in next stitch

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Witch Hat Applique

Row 1

  • Use black (A) yarn
  • ch x 16 then start in second ch from hook
  • sc x 2, hdc x 2, dc x 2, dc3tog, dc x 2, hdc x 2, sc x 2
  • Fasten off

(13 sts)

Row 2

  • Use red (B) yarn
  • Skip first 3 sts from previous row
  • ch x 1, sc x 7
  • Fasten off

(7 sts)

Row 3

  • Use black (A) yarn
  • ch x 2
  • dc2tog, dc x 3, dc2tog
  • ch x 2 & turn

(5 sts)

Row 4

  • dc2tog, dc, dc2tog
  • ch x 2 & turn

(3 sts)

Row 5

  • dc3tog, ch x 1
  • Fasten off & weave in ends

(1 st)

Free Crochet Witch Hat Pattern

This crochet witch hat applique pattern is available for free online and is easy to make, even for beginners. The pattern includes progress images and can be used to create a Halloween theme on various crochet and craft projects, such as blankets, keychains, gift tags, and more. The instructions are easy to follow and allow for practice of basic crochet stitches.