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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Free Cupcake Applique Crochet Pattern

    Free Cupcake Applique Crochet Pattern
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    Cupcake appliqué description

    Thanks for checking out my cupcake appliqué crochet pattern. I’m currently working on a granny square blanket for my daughters. I plan to fill each square with a different appliqué until I have a big blanket full of the things they love most!

    The cupcake appliqué measures 7cm wide and 10cm tall. It features a textured cupcake case and cute sugar cream icing. I used 5 different colors to crochet the cupcake appliqué. You can use your appliqué to decorate almost any of your crochet projects, I’d love to see what you done with yours!

    How to crochet a cupcake applique

    The cupcake appliqué crochet pattern easy skill level. You’ll need to know basic crochet stitches. Additionally you’ll need to know how to work into the front and back loops as well as being able to work into the raw edges. To make the cupcake appliqué I used 5 colours of DK (weight 3) yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook. The whole appliqué uses just 5g (16yd) of yarn. The pattern requires very basic tapestry skills for the sprinkles.

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    Copyright © Hookfully

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    Hook sizes

    3.5mm crochet hook


    DK yarn 5g/16yd

    I used King Cole Pricewise DK in the following colours :

    A – Blue

    B – Lemon

    C – Baby pink

    D – Hot pink

    E – Yellow




    The following abbreviations are for all the crochet patterns in the Sweet treat appliqué bundle.

    ch – Chain

    blo – Back loop only

    MR – Magic ring

    sl st – Slip stitch

    st/sts – Stitch/stitches

    sc – Single crochet

    hdc – Half double crochet

    pc – Popcorn stitch

    dc – Double crochet

    2sc/2hdc/2dc – Increase (2 stitches in one space)

    sc2tog – Single crochet 2 together (decrease)

    sc3tog – Single crochet 3 together (decrease)

    dc2tog – Double crochet 2 together (decrease)

    Gauge / tension

    3.5mm hook – 2” x 2” = 8 rows of 10 hdc

    Finished size – 7cm x 10cm

    Pattern notes

    I do not count chains in my stitch count.

    Numbers in brackets are the number of rows/stitches.

    Stitches separated with a comma are to be made in separate spaces. eg. (sc, inc) would mean sc in first stitch then inc increase in next stitch. eg. (sc x2, inc) would mean sc in first stitch, single crochet in second stitch, then increase in next stitch.

    Make all colour changes at the end of the previous row.

    When fastening off leave a long tail for sewing if you are attaching the appliqué to something. If you are not sewing the appliqué to anything weave in ends.


    You will need the following supplies to complete the crochet project (links will take you directly to my recommended supplies) 

    – Crochet hooks 

    – Tapestry needle

    – DK Yarn

    – Stitch markers (optional)

    – scissors

    – Tape measure

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    Cupcake case

    Round 1

    Use colour A (blue)

    ch x8 then start work in 2nd ch from hook

    hdc x5, sc x2

    ch 1 & turn

    (7 sts)

    Row 2

    Work the next sts in blo

    sc x2, hdc x5

    ch 1 & turn

    (7 sts)

    Row 3

    Work the next sts in blo

    hdc x5, sc x2

    ch 1 & turn

    (7 sts)

    Rows 4 – 7

    Rep rows 2 & 3 – 2 more times

    ch 1 & turn

    (4 rows of 7 sts)

    Row 8

    Turn to work along the sc raw edge

    sc2tog, sc x3, sc2tog

    Fasten off.

    (5 sts)


    Row 9

    Use yarn colour B (lemon)

    Attach yarn to the hdc raw edge in top right corner

    Make the following increases in raw edge

    2dc, 2hdc, 2sc x3, 2hdc, 2dc

    Fasten off.

    (14 sts)


    Row 10

    Use yarn colour C (baby pink)

    Attach yarn to the first st of last row

    sc x5, hdc x4, dc x5

    ch 1 & turn

    (14 sts)

    Row 11

    dc x5, hdc x4, sc x5

    ch 1 & turn

    (14 sts)

    Row 12

    Use yarn colour D (hot pink)

    Work the next sts in blo

    sc3tog, dc x4, hdc x3, sc x2, sc2tog

    ch 1 & turn

    (11 sts)

    Row 13

    sc2tog, sc x2, hdc x3, dc x2, dc2tog

    ch 1 & turn

    (9 sts)

    Row 14

    Use yarn colour C (baby pink)

    Work the next sts in blo

    sc3tog, sc x3, hdc, dc2tog

    ch 1 & turn

    (6 sts)

    Row 15

    dc2tog, dc, hdc, sc2tog

    ch 1 & turn

    (4 sts)

    Row 16

    sc2tog, dc2tog

    ch 1 & turn

    (2 sts)

    Row 17


    Fasten off.

    (1 st)


    Use colours A (blue) & E (yellow)

    Using a tapestry needle randomly sew on sprinkles and your cupcake appliqué is complete.