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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Crochet Patterns for Kids

Free Mini Pumpkin Crochet Pattern
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If you’re looking for a quick, simple free mini pumpkin crochet pattern, this one is for you! The small crochet pumpkin pattern is a super quick and simple project for fall, did I mention it’s all made in one piece too? Plus, you can use the pattern free online, and make your very own mini ribbed pumpkin complete with curly leaf stalk.

Why crochet a mini pumpkin?

Firstly, why not? The adorable mini crochet pumpkin is perfect for Fall, Thanksgiving and even Halloween. The pumpkin can be used as an amigurumi plush toy for kids, or even as a rustic ornament for adults. In fact, the versatile mini pumpkin makes it the perfect gift for boys and girls of any age. What’s more, the mini pumpkin crochet pattern is a really quick and simple one piece project that uses just a small amount of yarn, making it the ideal choice for crocheting in bulk for gifting, charity, or selling for a profit. You could have a pile of mini pumpkins stacked up in just one evening.

How to crochet a mini pumpkin?

This free crochet pattern will show you how to crochet a mini pumpkin for fall. The free tutorial is a simply written, and you can upgrade to a premium PDF version for added extras such as progress photos. The small pumpkin pattern is intermediate skill level, although it only uses very basic crochet stitches, you may find working in the back loops for the ribbing a little tricky if you’re not used to working with super bulky, fluffy yarn. You might also love to hear, the cute mini pumpkin can be made in one piece, with very minimal sewing to fasten off your pumpkin. And as for supplies, you will need an 8mm crochet hook, a small amount of super bulky yarn, and a small amount of toy stuffing (overfilling will spoil the pumpkins ribbing effect). Let’s get crocheting!  

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download mini pumpkin crochet pattern


  • Super bulky / Super Chunky / #6 yarn
  • 8mm Crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Toy Stuffing

Hook Size

  • 8mm Crochet Hook


  • Weight – Super chunky / Super bulky/ #6
  • Brand – Marriner get cozy
  • A – Orange
  • B – Green
  • Total: 17 yards

Gauge & Size

  • Gauge: 4” x 4” = 8 rows of 8 sc
  • Width: 9.5cm
  • Height: 7cm


USA Terminology (U.K. translation)

  • BLO – Back loop only
  • ch – Chain
  • MR – Magic ring
  • R – Row/Round
  • sc – Single crochet
  • 2sc – 2 sc in 1 space (increase)
  • sc3tog – sc 3 together (decrease)
  • sl st – Slip stitch
  • st/sts – Stitch/Stitches

Pattern Notes

  • Chains and slip stitches are not included in stitch count.
  • Stitches separated with a comma are to be made in separate spaces. For example, 2sc, sc x 2 would mean 2sc in first space, sc in next space, sc in next stitch

Important Information

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Mini Pumpkin

Round 1

  • Use orange (A) yarn
  • In a MR, ch x 1 & sc x 8
  • sl st to first st & ch x 7

(8 sts)

Row 2

  • Start in second ch from the hook: sc x 6 in chains
  • sl st same st as previous sl st in R1
  • ch x 1 & turn to work back up this row

(6 sts)

Row 3

  • BLO sc x 6
  • ch x 1 & turn to work back up this row

(6 sts)

Row 4

  • BLO sc x 6
  • sl st in same st as previous sl st, then sl st in next R1 st
  • ch x 1 & turn to work back up this row

(6 sts)

Row 5 – 18

  • Repeat R3 & R4 : 7 more times

(14 rows of 6 sts)

Row 19

  • Work into R18 BLO & R2 chains
  • sl st x 6
  • ch x 1 & turn to raw edge

Round 20

  • In raw edge, sc x 18 ( 1 in each row side)
  • sl st to first st & fasten off

(18 sts)

Pumpkin Stem

Round 21

  • Attach green (B) yarn to any st on R20
  • sc3tog x 6
  • Lightly fill with toy stuffing
  • sl st to first st

(6 sts)

Row 22

  • ch x 21 then start in second ch from hook
  • (sl st x 1, skip x 1 ch) 10 times
  • sl st to previous any st in R21
  • Fasten off & sew stem over the hole

The Mini Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

This free mini pumpkin crochet pattern is a quick and simple one-piece project that’s perfect for fall, Thanksgiving, and Halloween. It’s versatile and can be used as an amigurumi plush toy or as a rustic ornament. The pattern is intermediate level, but uses basic crochet stitches. You’ll need an 8mm crochet hook, super bulky yarn, and toy stuffing. The mini pumpkin can be made in one piece with minimal sewing. It’s a great option for gifting, charity, or selling for a profit.