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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Free Winter Kids Scarf Crochet Pattern

    Free Winter Kids Scarf Crochet Pattern
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    This simple kids winter scarf has a modern and classic design. With the weather getting colder my children needed new winter scarfs. Well it was a perfect excuse to get my hook out and start crocheting. These scarfs are so warm and cozy, my daughters love them!

    Kids scarf description

    The winter kids scarf should fit most children. Saying that it has been tested on children between the ages of 3 and 8 and there is room for growth. The dimensions of the scarf are 6” x 46”. It’s long enough to wear in a variety of ways as you can see from my photos below. It has a nice texture and is finished off with a wavy border.

    How to crochet a classic childs scarf

    The winter kids scarf crochet pattern easy skill level. You’ll need to know basic crochet stitches. Additionally you’ll need to know how to work into the front and back posts as well as being able to work into the raw edges for the border. To make the scarf I used lipstick red aran (weight 4) yarn and a 7mm crochet hook. Don’t forget it’s important to remember to do your gauge swatch before starting if you want your scarf to fit.

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    Hook sizes

    7mm crochet hook


    Aran yarn 196m/214yd

    I used stylecraft special aran in lipstick red




    ch – Chain

    sl st – Slip stitch

    rep – Repeat

    sp/sps – Space/spaces

    st/sts – Stitch/stitches

    sc – Single crochet

    hdc – Half double crochet

    2hdc – 2 Half double crochet in 1 space (increase)

    dc – Double crochet

    BPdc – Back post double crochet

    FPdc – Front post double crochet

    Gauge / tension

    7mm hook – 4 rows of 5 hdc

    Finished size – 6” x 46”

    Pattern notes

    I do not count chains in my stitch count.

    Numbers in brackets are the number of rows/stitches.

    Stitches separated with a comma are to be made in separate spaces eg. (sc, inc) would mean sc in first stitch then inc in next stitch.


    You will need the following supplies to complete the crochet project (links will take you directly to my recommended supplies) 

    – Crochet hooks 

    – Tapestry needle

    – Aran yarn

    – Stitch markers (optional)

    – scissors

    – Tape measure

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    Kids scarf

    Round 1

    ch x 17

    sc x 16 starting in 2nd ch from hook

    ch 1 & turn

    (16 sts)

    Rows 2 & 3

    hdc x 16

    ch 1 & turn

    (2 rows of 16 sts)

    Row 4

    sc x 16

    ch 1 & turn

    (16 sts)

    Row 5

    dc x 16

    ch 1 & turn

    (16 sts)

    Row 6

    dc x 1 in first st

    (FPdc, BPdc) x 7

    dc x 1 in last sp

    ch 1 & turn

    (16 sts)

    Row 7

    sc x 16

    ch 1 & turn

    (16 sts)

    Rows 8 – 98

    rep rows 2 – 7 : 15 more times

    (90 rows)

    Rows 99 – 101

    rep rows 2 – 4

    (3 rows)


    Row 102

    ch 1 & turn to work along the long raw edge

    sc x 4 (in the end of sc & hdc rows)

    2hdc x 2 (in the end of dc rows)

    Rep these 8 sts – 15 more times

    sc x 4 (in the end of sc & hdc rows)

    (132 sts)

    Row 103

    ch 1 & turn to work across the ch’s of row 1

    sc x 4, dc x 4, sc x 4, dc x 4

    (16 sts)

    Row 104

    ch 1 & turn to work along the long raw edge

    Rep row 102

    (132 sts)

    Row 105

    ch 1 & turn to work across the sc’s of row 101

    4 x sc, 4 x dc, 4 x sc, 4 x dc

    sl st to join to first st of row 98

    Fasten off and weave in ends

    (16 sts)