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How to change colors in C2C crochet

    How to color change in C2C crochet

    This simple guide will teach you how to change colors in C2C crochet, and how to carry yarn in c2c crochet. C2C is a crochet abbreviation for corner to corner, a popular stitch for creating graphghans and crochet squares with picture illustrations. You can also download the free how to c2c crochet guide for a more detailed corner to corner tutorial with extra c2c crochet tips and tricks!

    How to change the color of a crochet c2C

    When changing color during a C2C crochet pattern, you should change the yarn at during making the previous double crochet stitch. This will ensure a smooth color change on all blocks including those on increase rows, decrease rows, end of rows and everything in-between.

    C2C color change tutorial

    Change colour while completing the previous double crochet stitch:

    • Green – Yarn over, pull up a loop, yarn over, pull through 2 loops on the hook
    • Pink – Pull pink yarn through the final 2 loops on the look

    You can then continue to sl st & ch in pink for an even colour change between blocks.

    How to carry yarn in C2C crochet

    You do not need to fasten off after every colour change, especially if you will be using that colour again soon. You can even carry multiple colors! Carrying the yarn also saves the amount of time you’ll spend weaving in ends.

    How to carry yarn in C2C crochet

    To carry the yarn, simply place the unused colour over the ch 3 space you will be working into, and crochet over them both.

    Free C2C patterns

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