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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

How to crochet a pumpkin – 10 ways!

    How to crochet a pumpkin 10 ways

    How to crochet a pumpkin?

    There’s so many ways you can learn to crochet a pumpkin! Here you will find 10 free crochet patterns to teach you step-by-step how to crochet a pumpkin with different techniques and styles. There’s video tutorials for beginners, quick and easy crochet patterns, and more advanced crochet projects for intermediate crocheters too.

    Crochet Pumpkin Ideas

    You might be surprised to discover how different crochet pumpkins can look! In fact, you can make yourself a set of unique pumpkin plushies by crafting a variety of sizes, using different yarns, and using various crochet patterns for different textures and styles.

    You can make pumpkins large and small, light or chunky, even the easiest crochet pumpkins can be customized with different colors and fiber’s! From rustic pumpkins with wooden stems, to cute amigurumi pumpkins for kids, finding the perfect free pattern to learn how to crochet a pumpkin has never been so easy. Let’s get pumpkin picking.


    1. Cutie Pie Pumpkin Pattern

    From Regina P Designs

    Learn how to crochet this adorable little crochet pumpkin with this free and easy crochet pattern. The small size is perfect for making in bulk to sell online or at craft fairs.

    How to crochet a pumpkin

    2. Country Pumpkin Crochet Pattern

    From Crochet Bags And More

    The Country Pumpkin Crochet Pattern doesn’t require much yarn or time, and can be made with either cotton or acrylic yarn, polyester filling, a wooden stem and a some tendrils, and voila! You’ll have a charming fall decoration to add to your collection.

    How to crochet a super bulky pumpkin

    3. Mini Crochet Pumpkin

    From Hookfully

    Learn how to crochet a pumpkin with this quick, no sew, one piece, crochet pattern! The free mini pumpkin crochet pattern works up in no time with super bulky chenille yarn.

    Pumpkin Crochet Pattern Free

    4. Textured Market Pumpkin

    From Kathys Kozies

    These chunky crochet pumpkins can be easily adjusted to make different sizes from different yarn weights. They’re quick and easy too, perfect for bulk crocheting for fall markets.

    Free crochet pumpkin patterns

    5. Small Crochet Pumpkin

    From Made by Gootie

    This small crochet pumpkin gets its texture from the cluster stitch and is perfect for decorating your home for Fall and Thanksgiving.

    Learn how to crochet pumpkins

    6. Ribbed crochet Pumpkins

    From Hookfully

    These crochet pumpkins are made using DK yarn and basic crochet stitches. The crochet pattern is free and easy and comes in two different sizes.

    Free pumpkin amigurumi pattern

    7. Amigurumi Pumpkin

    From The Loopy Lamb

    Beginners can have fun learning how to crochet pumpkins with this simple amigurumi pattern which includes a video tutorial for the one piece pumpkin toy.

    How to crochet a pumpkin stack

    8. Ridgeline Pumpkin

    From Pine Tree Crochet

    This free crochet pumpkin pattern is made using a simple 2 row repeat, plus it has instructions on how to make the pumpkin in two different sizes!

    How to crochet a large pumpkin for free

    9. Crochet Pumpkin Stack

    From Fosbas Designs

    You can use this free crochet pattern to make pumpkins in 3 different sizes making it perfect for a pumpkin stack display for your fall decor.

    How to crochet a Tunisian pumpkin

    10. Tunisian Fall Pumpkins

    From Knitter Knotter

    Learn how to crochet a pumpkin in tree different sizes using this free Tunisian crochet tutorial. The pumpkin pattern is perfect for beginners learning the Tunisian crochet technique.