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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

How to crochet C2C

    How to crochet C2C

    Free Download – How to crochet C2C

    Click here to download your free guide to learning how to crochet C2C. C2C crochet is the technique used to crochet pictures using blocks of double crochet stitches. C2C is an easy when you get going, you will have a graph to follow, as well as written instructions. The free C2C guide will teach you everything you need to know about increasing, decreasing, changing colors, carrying yarn and reading a C2C crochet pattern and graph.

    What is C2C crochet?

    C2C simply means ‘corner to corner’. It is a crochet stitch that allows you to follow a graph or written instructions to make pictures in your work. Instead of working in rows or rounds, C2C is worked diagonally, from corner to corner, hence the name. You can use your C2C squares to make blankets, pillows, bags and much more!

    C2C Crochet patterns

    Click here to see all the C2C crochet patterns and guides by Hookfully!