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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

How to crochet faster – 20 Tips

    Have you ever wondered how to crochet faster? Here I have compiled a list of 20 top tips on how to improve efficiency and finish your crochet projects quickly. Crocheting is a fun and creative hobby that can produce beautiful and practical items. If you want to crochet faster, there are some tips and tricks you can follow. Firstly, consider using a heavy yarn weight and a good quality crochet hook. You should also use beginner or easy crochet patterns and avoid excessive colour changes to save time on tapestry. Organizing your working area and relaxing your mood can also help. Additionally, using basic crochet stitches, concentrating and avoiding distractions, and practicing often are other helpful tips. If you want to make quick and simple projects, try using no-sew and one-piece crochet patterns. Furthermore, using taller stitches to add length fast and using fast crochet patterns can save you time. These tips can help you crochet quicker and make easy, quick makes such as baby blankets, gifts, and other interesting patterns.

    Why would you want to crochet faster?

    For many, crocheting is a relaxing hobby that you can take your time with and enjoy. However, There are many occasions that might make you feel like you want to finish a crochet project quickly including:

    • Last minute gifts
    • Bulk crocheting for selling projects
    • Reducing time spent on projects to improve profit margins
    • Quickly finish off built up WIP’s
    • Meeting a deadline for a customer
    • Crocheting for bulk for charity
    • Finish a project before the holidays
    • Finishing seasonal projects in good time
    • Before the arrival of a new baby

    Lets learn how to crochet faster…

    1. Take your time

    No, it’s not a play on words. If you take your time to read the crochet patterns notes, check your gauge and make sure your using the correct supplies, you will save time. There’s nothing more time consuming (and annoying) than realising a basic mistake half way through a project and having to start over.

    2. Use a heavy yarn weight

    Choosing a heavier yarn weight will make projects work up more quickly as the yarn is thicker, i.e. bigger! For example crocheting a blanket out of super bulky yarn will take up hardly any time compared to a blanket made with thinner DK yarn. When choosing a crochet pattern for a last minute project, take a look at what yarn weight it requires. Some items such as clothing will need to use the yarn weight listed on the pattern, or it won’t fit! Other items like basic amigurumi patterns may state that you can use any yarn, but beware, going up to a heavier yarn will create a bigger, stiffer project.

    3. Consider a smaller project

    Okay, so this tip may seem like I’m pointing out the obvious, and I kind of am! Theoretically, the smaller the project, the faster you can make it. But this isn’t always the case. The small project may have lots of little details or a complex design which will slow you down if your in a rush. 

    4. Use a good quality crochet hook

    Experiment with some different crochet hooks until you find ‘the one’. You’ll work faster if you’re crocheting with a good quality hook that feels comfortable to use. Some hooks will snag on the yarn causing you to slow down without you even realising. You can try out different materials like wood, plastic or metal. Crochet hooks also come in different lengths, using the wrong one ‘for you’ can cause wrist pain and slow you down.

    5. Avoid excessive colour changes

    If your in a hurry to crochet something look out for the amount of colour changes in the pattern. A couple of colour changes shouldn’t really affect the time it takes to complete the project. But, if your changing colours every other stitch or row, if may slow down your ‘flow’. Also, you may be greeted with a load of ends to weave in at the end of your project.

    6. Look out for no-sew & one piece crochet patterns

    No-sew and one piece crochet patterns are usually simpler and therefor faster to complete. Look out for patterns that state there’s no or minimal sewing involved. Don’t dismiss a minimal sewing crochet pattern, it may be as minimal as sewing on a button! One piece crochet projects are also great for avoiding sewing lots of pieces together.

    7. Use a beginner or easy crochet pattern

    If your in a rush, choose an easy or beginner crochet pattern, they will be less complex and faster to read and understand. Crafters often match their own skill level to the skill level of the pattern. A beginner pattern is not just for newbies learning to crochet, it simply means the pattern itself is easy enough for beginners, anyone can enjoy them!

    8. Check your gauge & adjust your tension

    We all crochet with a different tension, that’s why we should always complete the pattern gauge swatch and adjust our hooks if we need too. It is essential to make a gauge swatch for wearable items to make sure they fit, it will also save time frogging your project later on. Looser tension will make your projects bigger faster, just like tight tension will make your project smaller. Although having looser tension can be a nightmare for clothing, it can be a dream for making blankets a little quicker.

    9. Save time on tapestry

    Unless your a tapestry pro, sewing on little details will probably slow you down when your trying to crochet faster projects. When your searching for a project to make in a hurry, be mindful of how much tapestry is used. Would it still look nice without all the little details if you run out of time? Could you swap out the tapestry eyes for safety eyes to save time on amigurumi?

    10. Changing hook sizes

    If you go up a hook size your project will work up bigger, faster. But, be careful with this tip! I’d only recommend doing this for a stitch tutorial if your freestyling a blanket. This is because the project will be bigger, softer and have more gaps. If your following a pattern, stick to the hook recommended by your gauge swatch. It will save you time frogging later on.

    11. Avoid tangled yarn

    Do you ever find yourself half way through a project and your yarn flow stops in its tracks? Then, when you look down you discover a matted mess that you need to untangle before you can continue. This yarn barf will definitely slow you down! You can avoid this by investing in a yarn dispenser. You could also try rolling your skeins into balls, or experimenting with pulling your yarn from the inside or the outside of the skein.

    12. Organise your working area

    Being organised will help you become more efficient and faster at completing a crochet project. Always begin by reading the supplies list on your crochet pattern, make sure you have everything you need and lay them all out neatly, at arms length. Are you wondering how this will make you crochet faster? Well, if everything you need is in sight, you won’t have to keep stopping to search for them. For me personally, its always the tape measure that goes missing, my children love to sneak off with it. Stopping the project to go searching through toy boxes interrupts my flow and wastes valuable time.

    13. Relax your mood

    So, this is more of an observation than a tip, most people cannot and wouldn’t want to control their moods to suit their crochet projects! Even so, it’s worth being aware of your mood as it can effect the speed you crochet at. For me personally, I crochet faster when I’m relaxed and when I’m enjoying the project. I also crochet faster (and do the house work faster) when I’m annoyed. This doesn’t mean you should try to get annoyed to work quickly, being relaxed is a much better option!

    14. Use basic crochet stitches

    Using basic crochet stitches are quicker than using special crochet stiches such as the bobble stitch. The single crochet is the fasted with the least yarn overs, however out of all the basic crochet stitches this is the shortest too.

    15. Concentrate & avoid distractions

    This seems like a no brainer when your crocheting, but concentrating can be more difficult than it sounds. Zoning out in front of a good movie can help your crochet flow and stop you becoming board during a mindless or repetitive crochet pattern. However, if its a really good movie you might catch yourself wide eyed staring at the screen with your hands on a standstill. Also, try to avoid distractions if possible, make your loved ones aware that if your counting you can’t listen to them too. Counting louder over their chatter usually does the job too!

    16. Consider a repetitive pattern

    Choosing a repetitive pattern will help you to crochet faster. Once you’ve memorised the repeats you can put the pattern down, stop reading and work quicker from memory. This also works with your favourite patterns that your most familiar with.

    17. Crochet an interesting pattern

    We have all been there, your half way through a project, it doesn’t hold your interest and it ends up in the pile of WIPs you’ll go back to some day in the not so near future. Likewise, if your enjoying the pattern, you’ll be eager to finish it faster.

    18. Use taller stitches to add length fast

    Just in case you didn’t already know, out of all the basic crochet stitches, single crochet is the shortest and treble crochet is the tallest. You can go even taller with the quadruple treble crochet stitch too! Taller stitches will quickly add length to your projects. You can also try stretching some stitches such as the puff stitch to create a taller stitch.

    19. Practice often

    As they say, practice makes perfect. The best tip to learn how to crochet faster is practice, practice, practice! Remember to enjoy your learning journey, and quality always trumps quantity. The more you crochet, the more your ability will grow.

    20. Use a fast crochet pattern

    Finally, Take a look at my quick free crochet patterns that all work up in one evening. I hope you find one you love!

    How to crochet faster – What do you think?

    I hope you enjoyed my top tips for quicker crocheting. Do you have any top tips that I missed? Which tip helped you the most? Get in touch on social media, I’d love to hear your feedback!