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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

How to read a crochet C2C graph pattern

    Learning how to read a crochet C2C graph pattern can be a great help when following a graph. This quick and easy guide will explain how to follow a corner to corner graph and the written C2C pattern. You can also use crochet graphs to work simple single crochet rows, however your project will be much smaller. If you are unfamiliar, or need a refresher on corner to corner crochet you can download the free ‘How to C2C crochet guide‘ to help you along.

    Understanding a crochet C2C graph

    • The graph is always started in the bottom right hand corner
    • The rows are worked diagonally
    • The pattern will state if the row will be starting from the right, left or bottom.
    How to read a crochet c2c graph pattern

    How to read a C2C crochet pattern

    The pattern is written in colour blocks and tells you which side to start on, this example corresponds to the previous graph.

    Example abbreviations

    • Y: Yellow
    • P: Pink
    • G: Green
    • BL: Block total
    • R: Row
    • RS: Right side
    • LS: Left side
    • TS: Top side
    • BS: Bottom side

    Example C2C pattern

    Increase Rows

    • R1: (RS) – 1G (1 BL)
    • R2 (BS) – 2G (2 BL)
    • R3 (RS) – 3G (3 BL)
    • R4 (BS) – 4G (4 BL)
    • R5 (RS) – 2G, 3P (5 BL)

    Decrease Rows

    • R6 (LS) – 1G, 2Y, 1G (4 BL)
    • R7 (TS) – 1P, 1Y, 1P (3 BL)
    • R8 (LS) – 2G (2 BL)
    • R9 (TS) – 1P (1 BL)
    • R6 (LS) – 1G, 2Y, 1G (4 BL)

    What is means?

    The C2C crochet pattern uses abbreviations for easier reading. At first glance they can look a little confusing, but it really is quite simple.

    How to read a c2c crochet pattern

    Free C2C patterns

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