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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Koala Eye Mask Crochet Pattern

    A crochet pattern for a koala eye mask that will fit both children and adults. 

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    Koala Eye Mask

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    Koala Mask Crochet Pattern

    Thanks for checking out my Koala eye mask crochet pattern. Eye masks are a great sleep aid for children, especially to help them nod off on light summer nights and daytime naps. They also make fun blindfolds too! The koala sleep mask is suitable for all ages. Its designed for kids but it will certainly fit adults too! The sleep mask is thick and sturdy and is decorated with koala ears, a cute nose and sleepy eyes. The mask has elastic around the back to hold it to the head.

    How to crochet a koala eye mask

    The koala sleep mask crochet pattern is easy skill level. You will need to know all your basic crochet stiches as well as having good sewing and tapestry skills. Overall its a very fast, easy crochet pattern. To make the crochet eye mask I used Aran (weight 4) yarn in 3 colours. I also used a 5mm crochet hook, elastic and a sharp sewing needle. The eye mask uses approximately 30g (60m/67yd) of yarn.