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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Moss Stitch Tutorial

    The moss stitch tutorial is a a very easy 1 row repeat with a double sided pattern. It is also known as the granite or linen stitch and it has tiny gaps creating a neat and interesting texture. The moss stitch is a versatile and beautiful crochet stitch that can be used to create a variety of items, including blankets and scarves. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial and using our free written pattern, you can create a stunning moss stitch blanket that is double-sided and perfect for snuggling up with on chilly nights. Happy crocheting!

    Moss stitch tutorial crochet

    How to crochet the moss stitch

    The moss stitch crochet tutorial is beginner/easy skill level. Its a very simple 1 row repeat and to complete the tutorial you will need to know the single crochet stitch and the chain. You can use any yarn with its recommended crochet hook size to complete the tutorial.

    The moss stitch is created by alternating single crochets and chain stitches. To begin, make a foundation chain in any even number of stitches. Then, work a single crochet into the second chain from the hook. Chain one, then skip the next chain and work a single crochet into the following chain. Continue this pattern of chain one, skip one, single crochet into the next stitch, across the row. Turn your work and repeat the pattern on the next row, making sure to work a single crochet into the chain space from the previous row. The free written moss stitch tutorial is further down this page.

    What to crochet with the moss stitch?

    The beauty of the crochet moss stitch is that it creates a dense yet flexible fabric that’s perfect for a variety of projects. The texture is perfect for warm and cozy scarves, blankets, and even sweaters. Plus, you can easily customize the stitch by changing the yarn weight or hook size. For a drapey, lightweight fabric, try using a larger hook and thinner yarn. For a thicker, warmer fabric, use a smaller hook and thicker yarn.

    Plus, the crochet moss stitch is a versatile and easy-to-learn stitch that can add beautiful texture to any crochet project. With just a little practice, you’ll be able to create stunning scarves, blankets, and more. So, grab your hook and yarn and give this stitch a try!

    Tutorial Notes



    USA Terminology (UK Translation)

    • ch – Chain
    • sc – Single crochet

    Important Information

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    Moss stitch tutorial Pattern

    Row 1

    • ch multiples of 2 for desired length
    • ch 4 more then sc in 4th ch from the hook
    • ch 1, skip 1, sc : repeat to end
    • ch x 2 & turn

    Row 2

    • sc in ch sp
    • ch 1, skip 1 & sc in ch sp: repeat to end
    • ch x 2 & turn

    Row 3+

    • Repeat row 2 until you reach desired size
    • Fasten off & weave in ends