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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Motif & Applique Crochet Pattern Bundle

    mega bundle crochet patterns
    Individual RRP $261.38

    Mega Bundle

    The mega bundle includes:

    1. The BIG variety bundle
    2. Appliques & Motifs Bundle
    3. Bundle For Dolls
    4. Christmas Stocking Bundle

    $39.99 $19.99

    A bundle of 20 PDF crochet pattern files (some files are mini bundles) worth $45.82 with a variety of applique designs, skill levels.

    • RRP $45.82
    • Instant download 
    • Progress photos on most files
    • Printable
    • Ad free
    • Available offline
    • For use with DK/Light Worsted/#3 Yarn

    *All these crochet patterns are available to purchase as individual patterns with prices ranging between $1.99 and $4.49. These designs are available for free as online, text only basic patterns on the Hookfully blog.

    Motif & Applique Bundle



    Instant download button and email will be available after checkout.

    Applique Crochet Pattern Bundle

    The Motif & Applique Crochet Pattern Bundle gives you access to over 20 premium crochet patterns ready to download and view on your device or print. The variety bundle includes crochet patterns suitable for all skill levels and are made using DK, light worsted, or weight 3 yarn. You will get a good range of appliques that are suitable all year round, with patterns for Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter.

    What will i get in the Applique crochet pattern bundle?

    You will get 20 PDF files containing the following applique crochet patterns:

    1. Heart
    2. Kissing mouth
    3. Weather mini bundle (sun, rainbow, cloud, raindrops, umbrella)
    4. Christmas pudding
    5. Christmas tree
    6. Bunny rabbit & carrot
    7. Roses
    8. Crescent moon & stars
    9. Butterfly
    10. Chick
    11. Food mini bundle (cupcake, ice cream, popcorn, & lollipop)
    12. Dog bone
    13. Spider
    14. Bat
    15. Ghost
    16. Witch
    17. Axolotl
    18. Turtle
    19. Daisy
    20. Sunflower