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No Drama Men’s Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

    No drama men's beanie free crochet pattern
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    Men’s Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

    Try this free Men’s Beanie Free Crochet Pattern, designed specifically for beginners! This classic hat is simple and easy to make, perfect for adult men. The pattern can be made in a medium or large size, it requires no sewing, ensuring a straightforward project. Whether you’re new to crochet or looking for a quick, satisfying make, this pattern ticks all the boxes. Get started today and create a timeless accessory with this easy, no-sew design.

    About the simple crochet beanie

    Finally, my husband asked me to make him a beanie! Of course being a designer I had all sorts of stitches and ideas running through my head. I was quickly stopped in my tracks when he kindly asked for a simple beanie with small stitches, no pompom, no cuff… no drama. Overall we are both happy with how the beanie looks, I guess sometimes less is more. The No drama men’s beanie is made using only the single crochet making it perfect for beginners. As mentioned above its a very simple, no fuss beanie. The beanie pattern is for medium and large adult sizes. Even though I made mine for a man its simple unisex design makes it suitable for women too.

    How to crochet an easy Men’s beanie for beginners?

    Making a hat couldn’t be simpler with our free Men’s Beanie Crochet Pattern! Crafted with Aran or worsted weight yarn and using basic single crochet stitches, this pattern is perfect for beginners. With simple increases, this classic hat is worked in one piece and in one color, making it straightforward and simple. Tailored for adult men in a medium or large size, this no-sew design ensures a hassle-free project.

    The No drama beanie crochet pattern is perfect for beginners. Its also a great pattern for more experienced crocheters who usually follow video tutorials and want to learn how to read a crochet pattern. To make the beanie you’ll need to know the single crochet stitch, slip stitch and magic ring. Gauge is very important for this pattern as you want you hat to fit.

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    Treat yourself to a beautiful ad-free, downloadable PDF with plenty of progress pics to help you along. As a bonus, you’ll also get the beanie pattern in men’s sizes medium and large.

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    Sizes & Gauge

    • 2” x 2” gauge swatch = 8 rows of 7 sc
    • Medium – 21” – 23” head circumference
    • Large – 22” – 24” head circumference


    USA Terminology (UK Translation)

    • ch – Chain
    • MR – magic ring
    • sc – single crochet
    • 2sc – Increase (2 sc in 1 space)
    • sl st – slip stich
    • st / sts – stitch / stitches

    Pattern Notes

    • Chains and finishing slip stitches are not included in the stitch count
    • The last numbers in brackets are the total number of stitches in the round
    • Stitches separated with a comma are to be made in separate spaces. eg. (sc, 2sc) would mean sc in first stitch then 2sc in next stitch
    • Checking gauge is important for this pattern to ensure the hat fits

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    No drama men’s beanie – free crochet pattern

    Let’s begin the No Drama Men’s Beanie free crochet pattern! Don’t forget you can purchase a premium version of this pattern if you’d like to see more progress photos and less ads.

    Medium Men’s Beanie

    Round 1

    • sc x 6 into a MR
    • sl st to join to 1st stitch & ch 1

    (6 sts)

    Round 2

    • 2sc x 6
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (12 sts)

    Round 3

    • (sc, 2sc) 6 times
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (18 sts)

    Round 4

    • (sc x 2, 2sc) 6 times
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (24 sts)

    Round 5

    • (sc x 3, 2sc) 6 times
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (30 sts)

    Round 6

    • (sc x 4, 2sc) 6 times
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (36 sts)

    Round 7

    • (sc x 5, 2sc) 6 times
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (42 sts)

    Round 8

    • (sc x 6, 2sc) 6 times
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (48 sts)

    Round 9

    • (sc x 7, 2sc) 6 times
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (54 sts)

    Round 10

    • (sc x 8, 2sc) 6 times
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (60 sts)

    Round 11

    • (sc x 9, 2sc) 6 times
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (66 sts)

    Round 12

    • (sc x 10, 2sc) 6 times
    • sl st to first st & ch 1

    (72 sts)

    Rounds 13 – 35

    • sc x 72
    • sl st to first st
    • After Round 35, fasten off & weave in ends

    (23 rows of 72 sts)