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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Popcorn Stitch Tutorial

    The popcorn stitch tutorial is an intermediate level stitch. It is the biggest I’ve seen out of all the bubble shaped special stitches. The popcorn stitch can be used for so many projects and is used for in many of my crochet patterns. The example in the photo simply shows popcorn stitches spaced out with single crochets. It has a lovely, thick, 3D texture. Although the popcorn stitches are only visible on one side, you can easily pop them through if you change your mind.

    popcorn stitch tutorial

    How to crochet the popcorn stitch

    The popcorn stitch crochet tutorial is easy to intermediate skill level. To make a popcorn stitch you will need to know how to make a double crochet and a chain. The tutorial will teach you how to make the stitch. To make a swatch like the one in the photo, simply space out the popcorns with single crochets and alternate with rows of single crochets.

    Tutorial notes


    • Any yarn
    • Crochet hook recommended for your yarn


    USA Terminology (UK Translation)

    • ch – Chain
    • dc – Double crochet

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    Popcorn stitch crochet tutorial

    • Make 5 dc in 1 stitch
    • Remove hook & insert into first dc
    • Pull the 5th dc loop through the first dc
    • Pull tight & secure with a chain