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Reverse Single Crochet Stitch Tutorial

    The reverse single crochet stitch is just what you might expect it to be. Instead of crocheting from right to left, you simply crochet in the opposite direction, from left to right. The reverse single crochet is sometimes known as the crab stitch and creates a lovely twirl effect border. You might also enjoy these free crochet stitch tutorials.

    Reverse single crochet stitch tutorial

    How to crochet the reverse sc stitch

    If you can make the beginner single crochet stitch you can crochet the reverse single crochet stitch. It’s a little strange when you start working in the opposite direction, but its fun and creates an interesting border. You will usually use the reverse single crochet as a border as its not a stitch you would usually work into.

    Tutorial notes



    USA Terminology (UK Translation)

    • ch – Chain
    • sc – Single crochet

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    Reverse single crochet tutorial

    Make single crochet stitches working to the right, do not work to the left as you usually would.