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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Chunky Crochet Patterns

What Can I Crochet With Chunky Yarn?

Free chunky crochet patterns for projects made with chunky, bulky, weight 5 yarn including amigurumi, blankets, hats, and stitch tutorials. As the name suggests, chunky yarn is thick and heavy, making it ideal for warm winter clothes, blankets and accessories. The large size also means your projects will work up quite quickly compared to those made with lighter yarns.

What Is Chunky Yarn?

Chunky yarn is a thick 12-14 ply yarn, sometimes known as bulky, craft, rug, or simply weight 5 yarn. Chunky yarn is lighter than super bulky, and heavier than worsted weight yarn. You can get chunky yarn in lots of different colours and fibres to suit your project and style. Chunky yarn usually calls for a 6mm crochet hook, but this can differ between crochet patterns so be sure to check before you begin. You can learn more about yarn weights here.