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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

DK Crochet Patterns

What Can I Crochet With DK Yarn?

These modern DK crochet patterns have a good variety of projects for you to choose from. As the yarn is on the lighter side this yarn is perfect for small projects and light blankets or summer wear. Although you can make pretty much anything, some of the best things to crochet with DK yarn include light baby blankets, doll clothes, fashion accessories and small stuffed toys.

These DK crochet patterns are mostly free to view online with a premium upgrade option for a printable pdf download with added pictures. Lots of these free DK crochet patterns are easy enough for beginners and some are more challenging for intermediate crocheters.

What Is DK Yarn?

DK yarn is a light weight yarn. The yarn weight is basically a measured of how thick or thin the yarn is. DK yarn is also known as double knitting, light worsted, light, 8 ply, or simply weight 3 yarn. The yarn usually calls for a 4mm crochet hook but this can differ between crochet patterns. DK yarn can come in many different fibers including acrylic, cotton and wool.