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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Intermediate crochet Patterns

Hey there crochet lovers! Are you looking for some free intermediate skill level crochet patterns to up your game? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a variety of projects that will push your skills to the next level. From scarves to baby blankets, our crocheted creations will have you hooked! With a mix of intermediate and advanced stitches, these projects will challenge your skills in the best way possible. And for those of you who love amigurumi, we’ve got some cute and cuddly ideas for you too! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get crocheting!

What is an intermediate crochet pattern?

An intermediate skill level crochet pattern may include:

  • Basic crochet stitches (e.g. single crochet)
  • Special stitches (e.g. bobble stitch)
  • Involved crochet stitches (e.g. Alpine stitch)
  • Increases and decreases
  • Colour changes
  • Fair sewing/tapestry skills