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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Super Bulky Crochet Patterns

What Can I Crochet With Super Bulky Yarn?

These super bulky crochet patterns will help you to create amigurumi toys, children’s clothes, baby blankets and more! Super bulky yarn, also known as super chunky, or weight 6 yarn is available in a variety of different fibres including plush yarns such as chenille and velvet. Super bulky crochet patterns tend to work up quicker than lighter yarns and call for a bigger crochet hook size, usually 7mm – 10mm. Plus, super bulky crochet patterns are hot right now! The quick and easy projects are rapidly growing in popularity, especially for plushie toy animals for kids and babies, super soft blankets and one skein scarves.

What Is Super Bulky Yarn?

Super bulky yarn is a heavy 14-16 ply yarn, also known as super chunky, roving or blanket yarn. Although you can get this yarn in the usual cotton and acrylic, its growing increasingly popular for novelty yarns such as velvet, chinelle, fur and cuddly textures. Due to it’s size, super bulky crochet patterns work up much quicker than projects with lighter yarns. The weighty yarn usually calls for a large crochet hook around 7-10mm.