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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Terms & Conditions

By using any content created by Hookfully you are automatically agreeing to the terms & conditions outlined on this page. Hookfully includes all work by Memory Lane Crochet.


Legal action will be taken against those found infringing copyright laws.

Copyright Material

All content and work created by Hookfully is copyright protected including:

  • All free crochet patterns written and created by Hookfully are copyright protected.
  • All premium crochet patterns written and created by Hookfully are copyright protected.
  • All tutorials written and created by Hookfully are copyright protected.
  • All Photography created by Hookfully is copyright protected.
  • All written work, web content and databases created by Hookfully are copyright protected.
  • All video recordings created by Hookfully are copyright protected.
  • Layout of published editions of written, video or photographic works created by Hookfully are copyright protected.
  • All promotional material, logo and branding created by Hookfully is copyright Protected.

Copyright laws are valid worldwide. Any person or organisation found infringing copyright will be subject to legal action. Copyright infringement includes but is not limited to:

  • Using my work without my permission for reasons other than completing a crochet project
  • Copying my work
  • Making an adaptation of my work
  • Distributing copies of my work, whether free of charge or for sale
  • Renting or lending copies of my work
  • Teaching, showing or sharing my work in public
  • Putting my work on the internet as your own or without linking back to me

You can find further information here on copyright laws and copyright crochet patterns.

Crochet patterns created by Hookfully in whole or in any part may not be copied, sold, distributed or altered in any way. This includes free online versions and premium downloads.

Sharing Crochet Patterns & Content

  • Only share the link to the pattern or content
  • You do not need permission to share content online providing you give credit to, and provide a link to Hookfully. (Social media, websites, round ups etc.)
  • DO NOT share screenshots of crochet patterns
  • DO NOT share paid PDF files
  • DO NOT copy and paste any content (patterns, tutorials, descriptions etc.)
  • DO NOT use photos without crediting and linking to Hookfully.

Selling Finished Items

Completed items made using Hookfully crochet patterns may be sold in reasonable quantities (not mass produced i.e. factory scale). Please do not use Hookfully photos to advertise and sell your work.

Safety Disclaimer

Hookfully crochet patterns are to be used entirely for use at your own risk. I cannot be held responsible or be liable for any accidents arising from items created by you. It is your responsibility to adhere to local safety regulations and to judge the quality and safety of your own work.

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