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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Become a Crochet Pattern Tester

    Here at Hookfully, I’m always looking for new people to become a crochet pattern tester. I always make sure all my crochet patterns are tested before being released. This helps to smooth out any errors, get feedback from crocheters and to make sure people can clearly follow my instructions. I always find the process quite fun too, I’ve have even made some great likeminded friends from around the world.

    What is a crochet pattern tester?

    In a nutshell, a crochet pattern tester is someone who receives a free unreleased crochet pattern from the designer in return for feedback. Testers will be asked to complete the crochet pattern and report back with photos, errors and feedback. Testers may spot things I have missed such as a typo, a punctuation error or even instruction wording that is not clear enough. Additionally, your photos will help me to see if you made the item correctly and it looks as it should after following my pattern.

    Why become a pattern tester?

    There are many benefits to becoming a crochet pattern tester including:

    • Receiving free premium crochet patterns
    • Get new crochet patterns before they are even released
    • Gives an insight into the crochet designing process
    • Make new friends in the small pattern testing chat groups
    • You’ll be helping me to perfect my patterns

    How to become a crochet pattern tester?

    Firstly, anyone can become a tester for Hookfully, even beginners! I like to have a range of testers with different skill sets to represent the real world customers who will be using my patterns. To become a pattern tester for Hookfully, simply head over to the testers Facebook group and look out for new testing calls.

    What to expect on a test

    • Testers are selected from the Facebook group on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis
    • The people who volunteer to test will be added to a private messenger chat with myself and the other testers
    • I will send everyone in the group the PDF crochet pattern
    • As you work through the pattern you will be expected to keep in contact and provide updates on your progress and report any errors
    • When you have completed the pattern you will be asked for your honest opinion on the project and instructions so I can improve if needed.
    • You will be given a guideline date to complete the work. I realise we all have lives and I’m not super strict on deadlines and if you go over a little on time, that’s fine. Just stay in touch.

    Click here to join the Hookfully crochet pattern tester group on Facebook.