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Reversible Dog Crochet Pattern – Flippy Friends

    Reversible amigurumi dog - free crochet pattern - Flippy Friends
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    A crochet pattern for a reversible dog amigurumi toy from the Flippy Friends collection. 

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    Dog Flippy Friend

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    reversible Dog Amigurumi Pattern

    This reversible dog crochet pattern will help you create a reversible puppy that pops inside out to reveal a different amigurumi dog in a different color and the option of a different mood by changing his facial expressions. The flippy dog is made using super bulky blanket yarn and is a fast and easy crochet project that kids will adore. This reversible dog is part of the flippy friends collection and includes more reversible toys including a bunny, unicorn and cat.

    How to crochet a reversible Dog

    The reversible amigurumi dog is an easy amigurumi project the basic crochet stitches, a little sewing and some basic tapestry. You will not need any toy stuffing for this stuffed animal, just some super chunky blanket yarn and two pairs of safety eyes. You can even swap the safety eyes for tapestry eyes to make it baby safe for little ones too!


    • 8mm crochet hook
    • Blanket yarn
    • Sewing needle
    • Scissors
    • Black tapestry yarn
    • 16mm safety eyes x 4


    • Weight: Super bulky / Super chunky / #6
    • Brand: Marriner get cosy blanket yarn
    • A: Cream: 40 yards
    • B: Natural: 48 yards
    • C: Beige: 20 yards
    • D: Black: 10 yards
    • Total: 118 yards

    Sizes & Gauge

    • 4” x 4” gauge swatch = 8 rows of 8 sc
    • Finished size – Width 7.5″ x Length 10.5 ” x Height 5″


    USA Terminology (UK Translation)

    • BLO – Back loop only
    • ch – Chain
    • FLO – Front loop only
    • MR – Magic ring
    • R – Round/Row
    • sc – Single crochet
    • 2sc – 2 sc in 1 space (increase)
    • sl st – Slip stitch
    • st/sts – Stitch/Stitches

    Pattern notes

    • Chains and slip stitches are not included in stitch count.
    • Stitches separated with a comma are to be made in separate spaces. EG. “sc, dc” would mean “single crochet in first space, double crochet in the next space”.
    • Use tapestry eyes only for babies or young children.

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