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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

Worsted Crochet Patterns

What Can I Crochet With Worsted Weight Yarn?

There’s so much you can make with these worsted crochet patterns. Why crochet a baby blanket, some kids clothes, or even some toys or doll clothes? Worsted or aran yarn is a medium weight yarn, making it a popular choice for most crochet projects. These worsted crochet patterns are mostly available for free online with the option to purchase a premium printable downloads. Lots of these worsted crochet patterns are easy enough for beginners and there’s also some more challenging ones for advanced crocheters too!

What Is Worsted Yarn?

Worsted weight yarn is commonly known as aran yarn in the UK, and it is a medium weight, size 4 yarn. This yarn also also sometimes known as afghan yarn and is typically 10-12 ply yarn. Being a medium weight yarn, worsted is one of the post popular choices and is suitable for crocheting almost any type of item. Worsted yarn usually calls for a 5mm crochet hook but some patterns will call for different size crochet hooks, so be sure to check before you begin. As with most yarns, worsted weight yarn comes in a huge variety of colors, textures , and fibres.