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Hookfully crochet patterns for kids

17 Crochet Bunny Ideas

    17 Crochet Bunny Ideas

    17 bunny theme Crochet Patterns

    17 adorable crochet patterns bursting with bunny cuteness! From beginner-friendly to advanced crochet bunny ideas, hop into Easter fun with practical and ornamental projects including bunny appliques, cute clothes and accessories, fun toys, cozy home decor, and Easter holiday decorations.

    How to crochet a bunny?

    There’s lots of ways to crochet a bunny, depending on what type of bunny you want to make. Maybe a bunny hat, toy, or a blanket? Either way, these cute bunny crochet projects will teach you how to crochet a rabbit with step-by-step instructions.

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    Free Bunny Appliqué Crochet Pattern

    1. Free Crochet Bunny Applique

    From Hookfully

    Check out this fun crochet treat – a free pattern for a cute bunny applique complete with a carrot and a fluffy tail! You’ll need some DK yarn, a pompom maker, and some little safety eyes to complete the project.

    Bunny Kids Onesie Crochet Pattern

    2. Bunny Child & Toddler Clothes

    From Hookfully

    Let’s get crafty with a snuggly bunny costume crochet pattern! Perfect for little bunnies aged 2 to 9, this outfit comes with adorable hooded bunny ears, a fluffy pom pom tail, and is designed for an easy-peasy skill level. Get ready for some cozy bedtime fun!

    3. Crochet Bunny Lovey Blanket

    From Hookfully

    Why not make a quick and easy giant bunny lovey. A cozy blanket featuring a bunny amigurumi head, a classic granny stitch blanket, all crafted with super chunky chenille yarn. Perfect for a speedy project for little ones or older kids.

    Free Bunny Dolls Onesie Crochet Pattern

    4. Free Bunny Doll clothes

    From Hookfully

    Check out this sweet crochet pattern for a doll bunny onesie – a total breeze to make! Perfect for 18-inch dolls, it’s a girls’ playtime dream come true, packed with fun and cuteness galore!

    Free Reversible Bunny Crochet Pattern - Flippy Friends

    5. Reversible Amigurumi Bunny

    From Hookfully

    Get ready to crochet a bunny themed fidget toy with this magical pattern for an amigurumi bunny rabbit that can flip inside out! It’s the ultimate fidget toy made easy with super bulky chenille yarn.

    Bunny Sleep Mask Crochet Pattern

    6. Bunny Rabbit Eye Mask

    From Hookfully

    crochet your way to dreamland with a pattern for an adorable bunny ear eye mask, perfect for a cozy and cute night’s sleep. The mask fits kids and adults too!

    Colorful crochet baby blanket pattern free

    7. Crochet Bunny Ears Headband

    From Grace and Yarn

    These adorable crochet bunny headbands are a breeze to make and make a charming addition to any little girl’s wardrobe! Perfect for gifting or selling at craft fairs, complete with cute bunny ears and blossoms

    Textured baby blanket free crochet pattern

    8. Crochet Bunny Baby Bonnet

    From The Knitten Mitten Shop

    The Vintage Bunny Bonnet is the cutest headgear for 0 – 4 year olds this spring. Perfect for snapping baby pics at Easter celebrations! With its charming textured stitch design on both the bonnet and ears, it’s a real eye-catcher.

    Modern baby blanket crochet pattern free

    9. Crochet Bunny Baby Rattle

    From Fairy Toys By Inna Chi

    Here’s a fun beginner’s crochet project for babies — craft your very own bunny rabbit rattle, a cute amigurumi baby toy with a wooden ring attached!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    10. Bobtail Bunny Crochet Bunting

    From Kerry Jayne Designs

    Get ready to whip up a cute crochet bunny garland with this easy crochet pattern. The cute Easter bunting flags are perfect for a quick and easy party garland or for your baby’s bunny themed nursery. Simply adorable!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    11. Bunny Coaster Crochet Pattern

    From My Alpaca Studio

    Crochet your very own Bunny Rabbit Coaster with this beginner-friendly pattern! It’s a fun handmade gift idea for bunny enthusiasts! This 1-hour crochet project can be made using any 4-medium cotton yarn you fancy.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    12. Crochet bunny Butt Pillow

    From Seacliffe Cottage

    Create a cute crochet bunny bum pillow – the ultimate farmhouse chic accessory for a cozy nursery or Easter-themed decor. Made with worsted weight yarn, this pattern is a breeze to follow. Complete with an irresistibly cute bunny bottom and a fluffy pompom tail!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    13. Bunny Basket Crochet Pattern

    From Greene Crafts Store

    This adorable bunny basket is the cherry on top for your Easter table decor. You can stuff it with real eggs, crocheted creations, or a sneaky stash of chocolates. Whip it up in a jiffy for the ultimate Easter surprise! An intermediate crochet project that’s as sweet as a chocolate bunny.

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    14. Crochet Bunny Backpack Pattern

    From Crochet Pattern World

    The classic bunny-shaped children’s backpack is the ultimate surprise for your little one’s special day! Ideal for girls, it’s a top pick for Christmas, birthdays, or just to show some love. Step up your gifting game with this handmade treat that’s sure to turn heads!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    15. Bunny Baby Sweater Pattern

    From Baby Crochet Designs

    Hop into the world of adorable bunny sweaters with this crochet pattern! Perfect for little hoppers aged 0 to 10, this rabbit jumper features textured sleeves and can be made in any color for a cuteness overload guaranteed for both boys and girls!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    16. Bunny Blanket Crochet Pattern

    From Miss Jennies

    Get ready to dive into a crochet adventure! This pattern will guide you through creating a cozy blanket featuring adorable bunnies with fluffy 3D tails and a textured border. Intermediate skill level – don’t worry, you got this!

    Cozy baby blanket crochet pattern free

    17. Bunny Amigurumi Toy Pattern

    From Marizza Toys

    Of course the round up would not be complete without an amigurumi bunny! Crochet your way to a huggable bunny plushie with chenille yarn, donning adorable rosey cheeks and a sweet bow.